Full Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Week of December 4th, 2012

This week on Xbox Live sees the release of quite a few pieces of DLC for big games, a singular XBLA game in Guardians of Middle-Earth, and a Ubisoft Publisher Sale.

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TrendyGamers2022d ago

I'll be downloading the Guardians demo tomorrow for sure. Hope it's good.

Relientk772021d ago

Love demos, give me demos

barb_wire2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Unfortunately it's not - I rented it, quite bland TBH - gameplay is ok, sound is actually quite good, but the level design is all over the place.. one of those games where enemies rush you and you have to kill them (rinse and repeat multiple times).

It's an easy game too - single player won't cause you much trouble, co-op is fine but with that you'll be done a lot quicker.


sorry about that - responded to the wrong thread

TrendyGamers2021d ago

Which game were you talking about?

barb_wire2021d ago

Rise of the Guardians.. someone in another thread was asking about it and somehow (don't ask me how), I clicked the wrong link and didn't realize until I'd posted it.

BringingTheThunder2021d ago

is the deadliest warrior worth it?

Relientk772021d ago

Max Payne 3 has a free multiplayer pack cool