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Wii U and the Nintendo Network ID: So Close to Getting it Right

GenGAME writes: "It's clear the infrastructure is there... however, the execution still leaves much to be desired." (Nintendo Network, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   751d ago
This is one of those rare times where I will say something more critical; it's a massive bummer that games are STILL tied to the system as oppose to the online account.

Unless Nintendo thought of a robust way to get people's data and games into a new console (if need be) this is going to cause a few headaches over the course of the next generation. My hope is that this eventually gets updated, but who knows. Like with the Wii, we may have to wait another five years until the next baby step.

With all that said I DO like Miiverse and the Nintendo IDs (a lot more than I liked Friend Codes for sure) and hopefully they can expand upon the infastructure.
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ChickeyCantor  +   751d ago
This is how I see it working:

Nintendo ID --> Contains purchases.
Purchases are registered to Console ID/SerialCode.

Console breaks down / is stolen --> Re-register Nintendo ID to new console ID/serialcode.

Previous console ID/Serialcode is in the checklist.
Meaning that the next time this console connects to the Nintendo network. The content will be blocked/erased preventing people scamming Nintendo.

Your account this way is registered to one console only.

I don't see why they didn't apply this. I'm not the brightest kid on the block...but Damn Nintendo...Where is your god now?
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