Rhapsody Xbox Live App Now Available

GR: The beloved on-demand music service Rhapsody is now available on the Xbox 360 thanks to the launch of a new app. Not only does this new application boast a sleek UI designed specifically for the platform, it also features both motion and voice support thanks to Kinect integration.

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dbjj120881969d ago

Is anyone going to use this?

alexcosborn1969d ago

If you've got an Xbox Live Gold account, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try!

1969d ago
UnHoly_One1969d ago

I personally don't get the point of music apps on a game console, but somebody must use them or they wouldn't keep releasing them.

alexcosborn1969d ago

True, but if you've got your Xbox hooked up to a home theater system, I can see the appeal.

Jek_Porkins1969d ago

Well they don't really make stereo systems anymore, my consoles are hooked up to stereo surround sound system, so I like to chill and listen to music on them from time to time, it allows me to crank it up a bit.

There are a couple of free satellite radio options on Xbox Live as well. I usually have a few people a day listening to one or the other, so there is obviously a market for it.

Ben_Grimm1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

It would be cool if you could use these music apps while playing games. Lets hope that the next Xbox will do this.

TheBrit1969d ago

Wait, if you have Xbox live gold you DON'T have to pay the 5 bucks a month to Rhapsody or you still have to have a paid Rhapsody account also before you can use it??!!

KING851969d ago

You still have to pay the normal subscription to Rhapsody.

TheBrit1969d ago

That's what I figured, just wanted to confirm. The part where they say "The service goes live today, and is available for Xbox Live Gold members as well as those with a Rhapsody subscription" makes it sound like one or the other but based on all of the other apps I kind of knew better.

knifefight1969d ago

Hm, that's kind of a bummer. But expected.