Downloadable Raiden body armors detailed for Metal Gear Rising

Konami has shared new information about Metal Gear Rising Revengeance concerning downloadable content.

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yami9301244d ago

"Gray Fox Armor – allows you to be more awesome"

Why havent they shown ^ that one yet? Im really excited to see how it looks, that is the one I really care about, oher than that, I think the white one looks best, than the green, than the red. Sucks that they have to be retail specific pre-order bonuses :/

Nyxus1244d ago

Yeah, not a fan of that either. But at least Gray Fox is (probably) included in all European versions.

yami9301244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Yeah they announced the Gray Fox skin in Japan is Special Edition only, Europe it comes in all copies of the game regardless of edition and America has it the worst having to pre-order from Gamestop to get it. Lucky people in europe...

MaxXAttaxX1243d ago

And MGS4 skin would be cool too.

No FanS Land1243d ago

C'mon Konami! It's a goddamn skin!

videogame ethics have fallen under the basement this gen.

Xklaw1243d ago

No doubt. This kind of stuff used to be unlockables.

Mathew9R1242d ago SpamShow
Deadpool6161243d ago

I miss unlocking things during the play through of the game.

ceballos77mx1241d ago

Will they have bonuses or they just make raiden look pretty.