Missing Halo 4 Specialization unlocks codes being sent through Xbox LIVE

XMNR: The saga of some Halo 4 players not receiving their Specialization unlock codes for playing the Xbox 360 shooter at launch may have finally resolved itself. Microsoft began sending the codes out Tuesday morning directly to affected player's gamertags via the Xbox LIVE messaging system.

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Lordchunk1994d ago

I am still waiting for mine :/

optimus1994d ago

got it yesterday through xboxlive, although I can't use it until I rank 50 which should be in a couple of months since I'm at 20 now.

RLDBCRLD1994d ago

can someone please give me a code im stuck on 70 please send me a code

LeGiiTSaint1994d ago

can someone pleaseeee send me their code. I relly need it guys i've been stuck on level 70 for 2 weeks so please send me your code if you do not need it. Gamertag: LeGiiT SainT

Munky1994d ago

I got mine, but I didn't see anything new once I redeemed the code. Not sure it if it me missing something or if something went wrong.

BeAGamer1994d ago

the unlocks are activated once you reach lvl 50

Munky1994d ago

Thanks :)

I just figured I would see a "star" when new items are unlocked.

NewZealander1994d ago

from spartan hub go up to specializations, you will see all the new armor in there

Munky1994d ago

That's the first place I checked. I didn't see anything that didn't appear to be already there before I redeemed my code. That's what I found odd.

Munky1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

This might help all who are facing any issues in regards to their codes. Cheers!


MRocket31993d ago

If you put in the code and don't see anything, go to your Purchase History and you should see Alpha something and you have to redownload it and it will work.

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