Far Cry 3 Review [PlayStation LifeStyle]

PSLS: "I woke up groggy and sweaty in my safe house, an island beat and delightfully deluded voices clamoring outside my hut. Kicking open my door and hauling my rocket launcher and silenced MP5 over my shoulder, I looked down at my map as the other villagers greedily snorted their cocaine and smoked their joints. They ignored me and continued their conversation.

"'You’re looking good, girl.'

"My destination set, I jogged past them and down the path out of the village. There, my trusty ATV was waiting for me. How many times did my story start like this? Far Cry 3 may be the last major release of this year, but it may prove the most memorable of 2012."

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alexcosborn2022d ago

Glad to see this game is so awesome!

2022d ago
insertcoin2022d ago

Far Cry 3 has the best FPS mechanics of any open world game I've played so far.

Foolsjoker2022d ago

Good review, Far Cry 2 really put me off so this is something I needed to read.

memots2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

At Foolsjoker - I disagree, Despite some very annoying flaws Far cry 2 pc was gorgeous and got me in this world like no other game could in a long time. ( fc2 Multiplayer was crap )

I knew Fc3 would be great.

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