PS3 is #1 for Netflix Streaming in the Living Room

PlayStation Blog: It’s official: More people stream Netflix content to their televisions via PS3 than any other device worldwide. This is a major milestone, and one we’re particularly proud of considering the myriad Netflix-compatible streaming devices on the market, from other gaming consoles to smart TVs and internet-connected set-top boxes.

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Snookies121967d ago

Hey cool, I love the PS3 Netflix, although I do have to give props to Xbox for the whole "theater room" thing they have where you can get your friends to watch the same thing together. That's really cool.

portal_21967d ago

Except they removed this feature a year ago...

Snookies121967d ago

You serious? Well that's really lame... I hadn't used the Xbox's Netflix in a good while so I didn't know. :\
Why would they take it out?

crxss1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

@portal_2 LMAO

the only reason i use my ps3 for netflix over any other device is because it loads faster. too bad it takes forever to load essential ps3 functions on the xmb, not that the 360 is any faster. i'm really hoping they wise up next-gen and dedicate more CPU and RAM for their GUI/OS... takes way too long to send a simple message in-game

Septic1967d ago

Yeah I much prefer the PS3 one. The 360 version tries too hard to be fancy (with video previews etc) and sacrifices usability in my opinion.

Hatsune-Miku1967d ago

PlayStation is the future and the future is PlayStation

SkyGamer1967d ago

Yeah it helps that it is free. That is one thing Microsoft really needs to learn to make Netflix on Xbox Live Free. Anything with a separate subscription should be free live. Shame on you Microsoft!

Christopher1967d ago

***Why would they take it out?***

Because then only one person in a group needed a Netflix subscription.

darthv721966d ago

both the ps3 and wii versions of the netflix app are the same. Well, not exactly the same as you cant watch HD vids on the wii version.

Other than that, the UI is pretty much the same. Fitting really as neither of them are made specifically for those platforms. The 360 version is made by MS and uses (or did) silverlight as the streaming engine.

All in all though, I have come to a point where I dont watch netflix. On ANY platform because their selection of titles dropped dramatically since they didnt re-sign with Starz network.

If I cant find it in my Uverse on demand, I will check netflix (tv shows mostly) but for "movies" I go to redbox. Ironic really as i was a major supporter for netflix (on any platform) for many years. Their changing things around with the dvd side and wanting to make a split account wasnt that appealing.

I know they changed their mind on that but overall, the service has been getting hammered by up and coming cable and satellite services that are expanding their on demand selections as well as hulu and all these new digital distribution services. The mighty netflix....really good in its younger days but now it is difficult to keep paying for a sub.

SilentNegotiator1966d ago

Of the consoles, PS3 definitely has the best Netflix app.

darren_poolies1966d ago

You can do it with the PS3. I have 6 people sharing my Netflix account.

JoySticksFTW1966d ago

"Yeah I much prefer the PS3 one. The 360 version tries too hard to be fancy (with video previews etc) and sacrifices usability in my opinion."

Exactly. That's how I feel about the PS store's new look also.

Some critics and media members make errant claims that PSN hasn't been updated, is bland, and behind the competition. So Sony goes and fixes what isn't broken, and replaces their nice simple interface with the fancy, busy look we have now.

I wish gamers and media members would realize that sometimes functionality and ease of use trumps flashy bells and whistles

jeseth1966d ago

I also really like the PS3 Netflix. It streams really well and the majority of the shows/movies stream in a really nice resolution.

I just wish Netflix would clean up their menus and make it a little easier to search content.

Other than that Netflix is great on PS3. Use it more on PS3 than our iPad.

SaiyanFury1966d ago

I do use my PS3's Netflix application more than on any other device, but that's because my PS3 is on all day. I keep it on (Netflix) when I'm taking care of my daughter all day, then switch into game mode after she's had her daily nap.

On a separate note, I bought a new Xbox 360 a few months ago and I was stunned to see that I needed an Xbox LIVE Gold membership just to watch Netflix on it (I don't game online). No need for any such subscription on the PS3 other than an already present Netflix subscription. I guess I'll be sticking to my PS3's Netflix for the foreseeable future. :)

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1967d ago

This is better news than this to any gamer.

"Xbox now used more for online entertainment than online gaming"

As long as sony keeps it a game console first and a media hub second that is great!

NeverEnding19891966d ago

We get it. You and your multiple accounts love promoting

Watching movies has always been the primary use of the PS3.

Rhythmattic1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

NeverEnding1989 (trollop)

Primary, as in games vs movies ?

How about Primarily Blu-Ray over Netflix.

miyamoto1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

yup Netflix on PS3 is very convenient like the Android app.
my whole family love the Jacky Chan & Godzilla line up on Netflix PS3

INehalemEXI1967d ago

them super slims sure are sexy.

Kurt Russell1966d ago

We find very different things sexy to eachother... people like you are the reason for Rule 34 ;)

INehalemEXI1965d ago

There simply is not "people" like me ...I am one man.

BenRage31967d ago

It also helps that Netflix streams in 1080p on the PS3. Unless it's been updated, the last time I checked, the 360 streams in 720p.

nukeitall1966d ago

Netflix streams in 1080p for me on Xbox 360 whenever such HD stream is available.

showtimefolks1966d ago

well let's see on one device you don't have to pay twice just to access netflix. xblive fee than netflix on psn its just netflix and it loads faster

i feel like sometimes MS tries too hard with xblive to make everything fancy and in the long run it hurts the product more than helping it

chriski3331966d ago

I use Netflix on my ps3 and wii u kinda cool for both

slapedurmomsace1966d ago

The 360 picture while streaming nexflix always looked like garbage compared the the ps3 and wii. I have no idea why as my 360 was wired and my ps3 and wii were on wifi. This is with 25mpbs on comcast, so that can't be the excuse. Since the wii is gone, I'm stream exclusively on my ps3

slapedurmomsace1966d ago

What's there to disagree with?? Jesus this site sometimes

insomnium21966d ago

I too use netflix on PS3. Didn't expect it to be #1 though.

Silly gameAr1966d ago

Yeah, that's been gone for a while unfortunately.

Oh_Yeah1966d ago

If you want a free streaming service that has every movie and tv show as they come out in hd get xmbc and download the navi-x plugin. Your welcome, youll never have to pay for cable, rent movies, or pay a streaming site again.

Tapewurm1966d ago

Netflix just signed a deal with Disney that will allow them to show movies 6 months after their initial release.....doesn't start til 2016 though...should be nice though...especially with the new Star Wars films in the works....still can't beleive Disney bought Lucas Arts. Back on topic....should make for better movie selections in the future.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1966d ago

It's been the number 1 console to watch movies on for as long as it's been out. It was released with not a game, but Spider-Man 3! Everyone knows people use their PS3's for Movies the most.

Number 1 playing games in the living room though... that's another story. ;)

Denethor_II1966d ago

yeah it's really cool, but you don't like to use it?

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SoundGamer1967d ago

"PS3 is currently the only platform to experience a new voice user interface called “Max” that’s currently being tested."

"the Netflix experience to PlayStation Vita in the United States. This enables PS3 owners to start watching a movie or TV show on Netflix, pause it, and seamlessly continue watching on PS Vita’s beautiful 5-inch high-def OLED screen."


ABizzel11967d ago

Besides voice, can't you do that with any netflix device.

If I stop watching a movie, and start watching the same movie on something else it generally saves the spot I was in, or maybe I've been using the feature on my Vita and never noticed it was exclusive.

darthv721966d ago

that seems surprisingly similar to what att uverse does. Pause a show on one screen and continue watching it from any other in the home and I device.

rpd1231966d ago

Yeah, that's a universal thing. It's a feature Netflix has, not just the PS3. I can watch on my Kindle, PS3, PS Vita, computer, or 360 and still resume in the same spot on any device.

Aggesan1967d ago

Not so nice that we still don't have it in Europe after more than half a year since it was released in the US though.

fossilfern1967d ago

Where abouts in Europe are you ? Its out in the UK.

Aggesan1967d ago

On ps3, yes, but not on Vita. I live in Sweden.

Blackdeath_6631967d ago

i'll be honest i don't have a vita yet and didn't plan on getting one but netfelix on the go might convince me to get a vita after all. (i know you can netfelix on other devices but the vita is relatively cheap compared to say a tablet)

jukins1967d ago

And let me add Netflix on the vita looks really good.

waltercross1966d ago

You needa pay a fee to at&t to use PS Vita online, like with using Netflix.

jony_dols1967d ago

Now we just need Sky Player on PS3 & I'll be happy.

Brian1rr1967d ago

I love my ps3 I just love my little black box

-GametimeUK-1967d ago

I had expectations of only using my PS3 as a console to play physical games on. Netflix is a feature I use along side many others. Its actually replaced my Freeview box in my room. I now basically just stream anything I want when I want it. The PS3 for me is my all in one package. I have PS+ on it, I have built my collection for it, I use the web browser when I can't be bothered going to the PC, watch blu rays on it. It is only natural that it is the console in my house that will have Netflix on it. Do you need Gold to watch Netflix on 360?

I am very happy with how diverse my PS3 is. Netflix and the PS3 go hand in hand for me. :-)

Snookies121967d ago

Pretty sure you need Gold to watch Netflix on the 360... Though I could be mistaken.

Anon19741967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Yeah, I believe you need to pay for XBL gold on top of paying the Netflix fees on the XBox. Go figure.

I ended up buying a second PS3 a few years ago simply to use on my upstairs TV for playing media like Netflix and I couldn't be happier. I still end up using it for games from time to time as I've loaded it up with arcade type games for the kids and then use my main PS3 attached to the home theatre for serious gaming.

I just read the other day that in my country, Canada, Netflix streaming accounts for a third of the internet traffic in the entire country. I even got my in-laws who are both in their seventies onto Netflix this summer as in the country where they are they only had two TV channels and one went offline rather than switching to digital. They have hi-speed internet out on the farm, but almost zero options for TV viewing and they're loving Netflix.

-GametimeUK-1967d ago

Spreading the Netflix love haha. Obviously the fact that you don't need to pay an additional fee is having positive results on the PS3 Netflix.

Godmars2901966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

When I bought my PS3, having actually listened to what was being offered, the only real reason I bought it sooner were the media features. Shame that the browser was in the shape it was, then get gimped by the protective media rush to boot.

Doesn't really speak well of MS that they had Netflix to themselves for a while and were only a notable streaming source at that time.