Uncharted: Fight for Fortune review

Pocket Gamer: "It's not exactly the next step we were expecting for the Uncharted series, but Fight for Fortune - a digital card game based on the action series - certainly has its merits."

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FriedGoat2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

interesting, never been into card games, but I may pick this up! Something a bit different I guess, and different is good.

Cam9772051d ago

This just reflects how messed up the rating system is. Apparently, a mobile-type game is superior to BO:D? I haven't played either but I imagine BO:D is better? I don't know... I really don't know about the rating system anymore...

Sketchy_Galore2051d ago

I've never even heard of Body odor smiley face, is it any good?

AcidKill2051d ago

So this is how it goes...

The reviewers don't have any game to compare with Uncharted: FOF whereas COD: BO:D is being compared directly to the console version + the title says "Call of Duty" so you know.. Expectation level increases x1000

If BO:D was a new IP then it would have got much higher score than it is now.

It's kinda unfair..

Anyways, back on topic.
This game looks fun, not my type tough.. But I just might give it a try. You never know what's in store for us.

Kingthrash3602051d ago

Back on bo:D topic,Their are a few games cod coulda been compaired to other than console versions like resistance... That actually shoulda been a direct comparison being its in the same system made by the same people... But instead they compaired it a home consoles which was unfair. It's better than resistance overall but still receives lower scores. Also their are other fps on other handhelds like the ds's cod or psp's resistance ( whom had higher scores somehow). Ratings are dead they've all gone Hollywood in my eyes.
Not disagreeing here just pointing it out.
Revert to uncharted ill play a demo first if any or see some you tube of bit in action. I've never been into card games so it would have to impress for me to but ... Even if it had a 10

BXbomber2051d ago

don't care i'm still buying it

wages of sin2051d ago

The white knight comments in support of this are going to be epic.

GalacticEmpire2051d ago

Oh noes! Somebody might genuinely like a Playstation game, better pre-emptively put them down ¬_¬

yoshiroaka2051d ago

I want an uncharted spinoff where you play as young Sully before he met drake.
I think that might be fun.

See when he started smoking cigars and how he found his mustache.. lol

MrDead2051d ago

Men like Sully are born with a mustache.

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