Devil May Cry reboot 'was always going to upset people'

The decision to reboot Devil May Cry was always going to upset some fans, Capcom has admitted.

The new game – which launches on January 15th – was initially greeted with dismay by vocal Devil May Cry fanatics. Gamers were unhappy with the new direction, the new UK?developer and even the hair colour of the hero Dante.

But Capcom’s European marketing boss Michael Pattison believes that as people go hands-on with the new game, opinions are starting to change.

“There is always going to be a core fanbase that will question our intentions,” he told MCV.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1993d ago

Some how I feel taking a step backwards wasn't their intention, however. No matter how you look at it, people are not liking the direction. There is something fundamentally wrong with what they did and they don't seem to 'get it'.

Blackdeath_6631993d ago

agreed.they knew people would be upset and that they would screw over a large portion of their fanbase,they admitted to doing so and yet they did it anyway. capcom have lost the plot.
i think its unfair on ninja theory because the reboot as a stand alone game doesn't seem all that bad at all but by changing the art style of the game,the story, and most importantly the core fighting mechanics of the game that the franchise is famed for AND have the audacity to call it DMC game is just ridiculous.
(all of this is without mentioning the awful comments of the obnoxious protagonist who is by far the most dislikeable lead character of any game)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1993d ago

That is exactly my issue. Stand alone game, sure this seems pretty good. But by making it DMC, they've forced comparisons, and the fact of the matter is, it simply isn't up to par.
Yeah I can't help but dislike the new dante. His attitude is horrendous, not to mention inconsistent.

1993d ago
TheBatman_Fanatic1993d ago

I agree and I don't think they will ever see the problem until sales don't meet expectations, hopefully.

Jinkies1993d ago

"believes that as people go hands-on with the new game, opinions are starting to change."

What the hell is wrong with Capcom, honestly why are they lying and saying stuff like this, opinions are not starting to change, people feel the same about it despite the demo.

It's funny how most the of the articles from big sites like IGN for example defending the game over the past few months roughly all say the same thing, the same thing this guy is saying about opinions starting to change.....I think this has all been set up, they've been paying sites off to try and turn public opinion around for real so they can stop lying about it. Hell maybe review scores have been payed off...who knows but since the game is so broken and buggy this can't get good scores.

HardCover1993d ago

Alternatively: These people have more market data than you do, and would choose not to get in serious s*** by blatantly lying to investors just to bamboozle a bunch of pimply faced young adults on the internet.

MrDead1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

They should have an option to play using the old Dante skin. I think the game it's self will be ok but when I look at the new Dante I just want to brake his head, he looks like a smug [email protected] and I'm sure he loves the smell of his own farts (South Park).

PhoenixRising371993d ago

As a wise man once told me, "haters gonna hate."

FunAndGun1993d ago

That man is stupid, don't listen to him. XD

PhoenixRising371993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

It's stupid because if you show the slightest liking for DmC on here, you get a trillion dislikes. A bunch of crybabies if you ask me.

Ben_Grimm1993d ago

Loved the demo and I can't wait to get the DmC and play the hell out of it.

What I loved about Devil May Cry was the over the top, insane action and the new DmC appears to have all that which I love.

Do I wish the original Dante was in it? Sure, I would have also loved for the original producer and team to work on this, especially since I'm one of the very few who loved Devil May Cry 4. But i'm willing to give this new one a shot with an open mind.

DragonKnight1993d ago

"But Capcom’s European marketing boss Michael Pattison believes that as people go hands-on with the new game, opinions are starting to change."

Bullsh*t propaganda lies. Real fans of Devil May Cry have been near unanimous in saying how terrible the demo was and it released 2 months before the game releases, so you know that all of that is going into the game.

"“The last Devil May Cry sold well, But it probably hit a ceiling in terms of where we could take it in its current direction. People are being risk averse but if you’re not bringing anything new, you will get a volley of abuse from consumers."

Bullsh*t. Give us Nero's back story, that's one direction. Continue on from Devil May Cry 2, that's another direction. Hell, invent a new evil for Dante to fight, he is a Demon Hunter right? That should give you infinite possibilities. We don't have a problem with new, we have a problem when new is to completely change everything and in the worst possible ways. What is their to be confused about in that statement?

You've lost all sense Capcom. Just stop talking.

Hanso1993d ago

agree also you know like in DmC "Your media brainwash us" basiclly all the reviews that are going to say best DMC yet when its clear to hardcore fans that combat needs some serious fixing! But even Tameem said the game is fine and they wont adress the "fan request" so i guess they dont need me and everybode else..
i will boycott DmC!

DragonKnight1993d ago

Yeah, I read Tameem's tweets playing up the combat. And when a fan directly confronted him about the broken style meter with that video everyone has seen, all he could reply with was "Damn that's some fine comboing right there, why fix it?" Which tells us that NT are proud of how broken the game is.

How anyone can think that framerates that drop below 30FPS (and even having 30FPS for a DMC game is atrocious), a style meter that awards dodging more than actual combos, being able to stay in mid air indefinitely by spamming the same attack over and over as opposed to having to jump cancel to do so, forcing you to use a specific weapon on specific enemies which makes combat annoying when there are different groups of enemies, having no lock on but two dodges, and all the other host of crap in the game is a good thing? It's NOT!

VileAndVicious1989d ago

Hanso have to disagree with you. There are definitely two different types of hardcore fans out there. Sure there are some fans that generally don't like the new direction and that's cool. But there are also plenty of former fans that do like it and are interested in the game the more they've shown over the years. Myself included, that 2010 trailer I hated it a whole LOT and I was pretty vocal about it. But became more and more interested with the same re-redesign of the the new Dante.

Combat is different it took me about 20 minutes or so to get used to the new controls. About the only thing I can say maybe "broken" the is the style Guage which is a very easy to pull off high rankings. As far as the game being to easy.. I mean its a demo of of the an early stage I watched a demonstration of dante must die mode and it definitely doesn't look easy.

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