Top 5 Examples Why The Bioshock Infinite Cover Art is Awful

Previously on videogames: Irrational Games release the box-art for their forthcoming title, Bioshock Infinite. The reception? Some folks love it, while other call for its burning.

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crxss1718d ago

funny box arts. but seriously no more articles about this unless the box arts are going to be absolutely ridiculous/hilarious. sick of seeing the bioshock infinite box art topic... EVEN IF it's just a joke on gamers being crybabies.

Thatguy-3101718d ago

Heavy Rains cover in the US was awful too but it was a good game. Don't judge a book by a cover my friends. I doubt you'll be looking at the cover the majority of the time. Can't wait for this game though.

BiggCMan1717d ago

I liked Heavy Rain's US cover :O

showtimefolks1717d ago

so will you enjoy the game any less? once i take the game out of the box that's about it for it.

zerocrossing1717d ago

I actually like the box art :/

chukamachine1717d ago

I Still can't understand why anyone give a toss about cover art.

You buy to play the game, not stare at the cover unless your a total weirdo.

Sarcasm1717d ago

This is so overblown it's ridiculous.

People don't play box arts, they play games.

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csreynolds1718d ago

Complaining about box-art - have you nothing better to do?

VGI1718d ago

No we don't sorry.

We were gonna review the Wii U, but Nintendo didn't send us one so need to resort to moaning about boxart/dicking around in Photoshop.

Hope that's okay.


csreynolds1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

Might have been better to bide your time - that, or cover some videogames news. There's been a fair bit today...

SilentNegotiator1718d ago

It's a part of the industry that we think could be better.

Deal with it.

PopRocks3591717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

You mean a paper/plastic exterior that has absolutely no effect on the actual game inside the disc?


csreynolds1717d ago

Oh definitely. It's an important issue after all, considering how significantly box-art impacts a title's gameplay, mechanics, longevity, enjoyment... wait a minute...

There are far more important parts of the industry to be improving upon than the pretty pictures publishers put on the cases of our games. Issue "dealt with".

admiralvic1718d ago

The irony is how "good" the boxart actually is. The goal is boxart is to get attention, which is what it got and all these articles serve to boost awareness of Bioshock Infinite. No one is going to skip it over the box art, so ultimately it's a smart tactic (intended or not).

DigitalRaptor1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

Well the goal of boxart for investors and publishers is to get attention to get better sales. The goal of box art for a gamer id for the developer to express some beautiful and tasteful art to accompany their game.

2K failed for gamers on this part, even it it's smart for them, we might not fully appreciate it if we're looking for the whole package.

darren_poolies1717d ago

Exactly. Who the hell actually cares? I swear sites will use anything these days to make a top *insert number here* list.

zerocrossing1717d ago

Have gamers really become such pathetic, entitled little crybabies, that even a cover art effects how they feel about a game that's not even been released yet?

Sometimes I really hate this gen.

torchic1717d ago

I don't think ANYONE has said that their view on the game changed as a result of the box art. people are just disappointed, it could've and probably should've been better. people like you are sensationalising and overexaggerating and need to calm down.

is it so wrong to enjoy good box art? is it really that wrong?

darren_poolies1715d ago

"overexaggerating and need to calm down.

is it so wrong to enjoy good box art? is it really that wrong?"

He isn't over exaggerating and no it isn't wrong but what is wrong is how pathetic and moany people are about it.

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Certz1718d ago

This is like the 100th article/tweet/video of why the box art sucks. We get it already but i doubt you'll change their mind on it. Lets not judge the game off the box art just yet, we've been waiting for a year or so for this game now so it has to be great if not the franchise is gonna be neck high in shit.

psp2roundup1718d ago

Glad it not just me, the box ignores all the cool stuff in the Infinite world and makes it look like a totally generic shooter

r211718d ago

Huh, you know what? What if 2K/Ken chose the 'generic shooter' cover to trick them shooter fans to buy BI and then help em realize that there is more to games than spunkgargleweewees.

Certz1718d ago

Hahaha it probably is just another marketing scheme to attract "shooter"

fossilfern1718d ago

I think your spot on in your comment, R21. I said the exact same thing on their facebook, the generic gamers are gonna buy it thinking its a shooter and more than likley will trade it into GAME or Gamestop because its not enough like COD.

zerocrossing1717d ago

Lol! nice Yahtzee reference, and y'know you could be on to something there.

execution171718d ago

o.O why are some people complaining? it looks badass

CaptainYesterday1718d ago

I thought the same thing, the box art looks really badass! I just don't understand why I keep seeing so many articles complaining about the box art its just the box art its the game inside that matters.

Conzul1717d ago

Well, people are complaining because Bioshock is an artistic, non-typical game. They believe that a generic cover such as this does it a disservice, but they're only worried about this because so much else is perfect in their lives.

torchic1718d ago

wow really? for such a stylistic and creative game, the box art is so generic and unnecessary. I thought it was ugly :/

it takes a lot to make box art look ugly with the PS3 box template, and well congratulations to the person that created this one.

it's so unexpectedly generic and unnecessary it's actually funny

CaptCalvin1718d ago

That's the problem. You can't describe a cover art any more generically/casually than that.

DigitalRaptor1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

"Wow that looks badass!"

The quote of your average CoD fan, who will see this game and think it's a cool generic shooter, when in fact it's a stylistic, densely layered and story-driven shooter experience.

Who cares if it looks "badass"? For a game with heaps of class and made by a wonderfully intelligent team with such amazing imagination, this box art is an unjust representation.

My ideas for a worthy box art:

Idea #1 - Booker and Elizabeth on the cover. Both are standing in the foreground with some iconic area of Colombia in the background. Elizabeth looks startled and has her head turned up towards the sky. At the top of the box art is the Songbird preparing to swoop down to attack. Booker is on the right with his arm outstretched towards the sky, and the other preparing to grab the gun at his side.

Idea #2 - Just Elizabeth and Songbird on the cover. Elizabeth is facing the "camera" but looking both scared and protective of Songbird. Something along these lines, but developered further I think it would add dimension to what would be a pretty good box art.