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Top 5 Examples Why The Bioshock Infinite Cover Art is Awful

Previously on videogames: Irrational Games release the box-art for their forthcoming title, Bioshock Infinite. The reception? Some folks love it, while other call for its burning. (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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josephayal  +   623d ago
best art so far
crxss  +   623d ago
funny box arts. but seriously no more articles about this unless the box arts are going to be absolutely ridiculous/hilarious. sick of seeing the bioshock infinite box art topic... EVEN IF it's just a joke on gamers being crybabies.
dboyc310  +   623d ago
Heavy Rains cover in the US was awful too but it was a good game. Don't judge a book by a cover my friends. I doubt you'll be looking at the cover the majority of the time. Can't wait for this game though.
BiggCMan  +   623d ago
I liked Heavy Rain's US cover :O
showtimefolks  +   623d ago
so will you enjoy the game any less? once i take the game out of the box that's about it for it.
zerocrossing  +   622d ago
I actually like the box art :/
chukamachine  +   622d ago
I Still can't understand why anyone give a toss about cover art.

You buy to play the game, not stare at the cover unless your a total weirdo.
Sarcasm  +   622d ago
This is so overblown it's ridiculous.

People don't play box arts, they play games.
csreynolds  +   623d ago
Complaining about box-art - have you nothing better to do?
VGI  +   623d ago
No we don't sorry.

We were gonna review the Wii U, but Nintendo didn't send us one so need to resort to moaning about boxart/dicking around in Photoshop.

Hope that's okay.

csreynolds  +   623d ago
Might have been better to bide your time - that, or cover some videogames news. There's been a fair bit today...
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HammadTheBeast  +   623d ago
Sarcasm  +   622d ago
Awesome post!
SilentNegotiator  +   623d ago
It's a part of the industry that we think could be better.

Deal with it.
PopRocks359  +   623d ago
You mean a paper/plastic exterior that has absolutely no effect on the actual game inside the disc?

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csreynolds  +   623d ago
Oh definitely. It's an important issue after all, considering how significantly box-art impacts a title's gameplay, mechanics, longevity, enjoyment... wait a minute...

There are far more important parts of the industry to be improving upon than the pretty pictures publishers put on the cases of our games. Issue "dealt with".
admiralvic  +   623d ago
The irony is how "good" the boxart actually is. The goal is boxart is to get attention, which is what it got and all these articles serve to boost awareness of Bioshock Infinite. No one is going to skip it over the box art, so ultimately it's a smart tactic (intended or not).
DigitalRaptor  +   623d ago
Well the goal of boxart for investors and publishers is to get attention to get better sales. The goal of box art for a gamer id for the developer to express some beautiful and tasteful art to accompany their game.

2K failed for gamers on this part, even it it's smart for them, we might not fully appreciate it if we're looking for the whole package.
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darren_poolies  +   623d ago
Exactly. Who the hell actually cares? I swear sites will use anything these days to make a top *insert number here* list.
zerocrossing  +   622d ago
Have gamers really become such pathetic, entitled little crybabies, that even a cover art effects how they feel about a game that's not even been released yet?

Sometimes I really hate this gen.
torchic  +   622d ago
I don't think ANYONE has said that their view on the game changed as a result of the box art. people are just disappointed, it could've and probably should've been better. people like you are sensationalising and overexaggerating and need to calm down.

is it so wrong to enjoy good box art? is it really that wrong?
darren_poolies  +   620d ago
"overexaggerating and need to calm down.

is it so wrong to enjoy good box art? is it really that wrong?"

He isn't over exaggerating and no it isn't wrong but what is wrong is how pathetic and moany people are about it.
Certz  +   623d ago
This is like the 100th article/tweet/video of why the box art sucks. We get it already but i doubt you'll change their mind on it. Lets not judge the game off the box art just yet, we've been waiting for a year or so for this game now so it has to be great if not the franchise is gonna be neck high in shit.
psp2roundup  +   623d ago
Glad it not just me, the box ignores all the cool stuff in the Infinite world and makes it look like a totally generic shooter
r21  +   623d ago
Huh, you know what? What if 2K/Ken chose the 'generic shooter' cover to trick them shooter fans to buy BI and then help em realize that there is more to games than spunkgargleweewees.
Certz  +   623d ago
Hahaha it probably is just another marketing scheme to attract "shooter"
fossilfern  +   623d ago
I think your spot on in your comment, R21. I said the exact same thing on their facebook, the generic gamers are gonna buy it thinking its a shooter and more than likley will trade it into GAME or Gamestop because its not enough like COD.
zerocrossing  +   622d ago
Lol! nice Yahtzee reference, and y'know you could be on to something there.
execution17  +   623d ago
o.O why are some people complaining? it looks badass
CaptainYesterday  +   623d ago
I thought the same thing, the box art looks really badass! I just don't understand why I keep seeing so many articles complaining about the box art its just the box art its the game inside that matters.
Conzul  +   623d ago
Well, people are complaining because Bioshock is an artistic, non-typical game. They believe that a generic cover such as this does it a disservice, but they're only worried about this because so much else is perfect in their lives.
torchic  +   623d ago
wow really? for such a stylistic and creative game, the box art is so generic and unnecessary. I thought it was ugly :/

it takes a lot to make box art look ugly with the PS3 box template, and well congratulations to the person that created this one.

it's so unexpectedly generic and unnecessary it's actually funny
CaptCalvin  +   623d ago
That's the problem. You can't describe a cover art any more generically/casually than that.
DigitalRaptor  +   623d ago
"Wow that looks badass!"

The quote of your average CoD fan, who will see this game and think it's a cool generic shooter, when in fact it's a stylistic, densely layered and story-driven shooter experience.

Who cares if it looks "badass"? For a game with heaps of class and made by a wonderfully intelligent team with such amazing imagination, this box art is an unjust representation.

My ideas for a worthy box art:

Idea #1 - Booker and Elizabeth on the cover. Both are standing in the foreground with some iconic area of Colombia in the background. Elizabeth looks startled and has her head turned up towards the sky. At the top of the box art is the Songbird preparing to swoop down to attack. Booker is on the right with his arm outstretched towards the sky, and the other preparing to grab the gun at his side.

Idea #2 - Just Elizabeth and Songbird on the cover. Elizabeth is facing the "camera" but looking both scared and protective of Songbird. Something along these lines, but developered further http://www.shigerusan.com/w... I think it would add dimension to what would be a pretty good box art.
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Conzul  +   623d ago
#2 is really good.
Maybe Songbird can be behind her doing a whole Night on Bald Mountain thing.
yaz288  +   622d ago
"The quote of your average CoD fan, who will see this game and think it's a cool generic shooter, when in fact it's a stylistic, densely layered and story-driven shooter experience."

this is shit! I can understand the cover look genric..(just because how it resemble un1..) but it doesn't fucking tell that the game is too..

in cod,bf,moh..etc games you just get some guy with a gun on the cover but in bioshock infinte you get the main character which fucking tell "hey there is a story here", not some random dude .. and Elizabeth is in the back.

this cover simply say to me "hey I am a badass game" .. don't know why all this shit is going on. in bioshock 1 I ended borrowing the game from a friend because how the cover was ugly ..it literally gave me a false image about the game. if it weren't for the reviews and all the award it got I wouldn't even think of playing it.

and it looks like you didn't play black ops 2 ..which had one of the best stories in a shooter this gen.
SeraphimBlade  +   623d ago
Holy crap, LET IT GO!
Jinkies  +   623d ago
That Drakes Fortune one is spot on

Seriously you could make the cover seem like it's a spin off game and say "yeah he's one of Drakes Ancestors"
TheEnigma313  +   623d ago
I may be in the minority here, but I actually like the cover.
SeraphimBlade  +   623d ago
You know, as far as generic-action-guy-with-gun covers go, it is one of the better ones. It's bright and colorful, you can actually see his face for once, the flag-burning is a nice touch and actually does tie into the themes of the game. Coulda been a hell of a lot worse.
soundslike  +   623d ago
You're not in the minority. If you were in the minority, then they wouldn't have chose that cover. Its made to appeal to as many 13-24 year old males as possible
-Gespenst-  +   623d ago
Hahaha the GTA cover was amazing.

His version looks like a dating-sim game or something though...
Mikefizzled  +   623d ago
Gamers these days think they are the creative designer in almost every aspect of the game. Just accept it for what it is.
urwifeminder  +   623d ago
Thought i had seen it all now people have box art butthurt wow lol.
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SovereignSnaKe  +   623d ago
-Like I said yesterday, Bioshock introduced the Art deco pedigree into current gaming style, the concept arts were/ and are beautiful. I thought for sure Infinite would get one of the Propaganda Posters for a cover art, this just makes it look like some shitty generic battlefield-esque developmentally disabled gamers game!!

EDIT: The Goldeneye mock-up is pretty awesome ^_^ but this isn't 1997!

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Oh_Yeah  +   623d ago
Whooo cares what a damn cover looks like! People look at gameplay, the cover fits the case right? Has the name of the game on it right?,there ya go, good cover....really who randomly goes to a store and says omg the cover looks cool imma get this Or the cover doesnt look good enough so im not gonna get this. Lmao give me a break. I could understand if your 5 but were not 5 here.
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maelstromb  +   623d ago
Games are considered art, therefore the cover art should then be an outward representation and reflection of that art as a whole. It's as simple as that. And in this case, we believe it fails to do so.

We all know it's going to sell like hotcakes and that is not at all what is being discussed here. It's about holding Irrational Games to a higher standard b/c we know, as we've seen in their past works, that they are capable of so much more than what has been presented. THAT is the crux of the argument.
mydyingparadiselost  +   623d ago
The only thing wrong with the cover art is that it keeps on being talked about. Mega Man had awful box art, street fighter II made chun li a dyke, so on and so on and no, doesn't affect the game at all. Just shut it, buy the game and if you dislike the box art so much go draw your own.
oh, and great article by the way, very funny AND true!
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InTheLab  +   623d ago
I guess everyone was expecting Elizabeth to be on the cover flashing the girls?

Does anyone remember a while ago how we were all concerned this game might not happen? And now that it is, we're concerned about cover art?

Complaining about box art = /pacefalm
Rupee  +   623d ago
This box art thing is hilarious... I'll see the cover once or twice? After that it's on the shelf while the disc is in my console... Hardly anything to freak out about. But hey, if that's your biggest complaint about the game they must be doing something right...
rpd123  +   623d ago
To be honest that picture really doesn't work with any of the franchises you used. It may be similar, but you can definitely tell that isn't something they would have on their box.
rbailey  +   623d ago
Funny box art lineup here but I'm not sure why everyone hates the original cover so much. Sure Elizabeth isn't on the front and neither is Infinite's version of the Big Daddy but at the end of the day who really cares? At the end, we will be playing the game and not the cover so I don't understand what the big deal is
WeskerChildReborned  +   623d ago
Only in N4G can you see people hating on Box Art -.-
PopRocks359  +   623d ago
I honestly don't mind people disliking the box art. I just don't see what the big deal is. It has no effect on the actual game.
Yo Mama  +   623d ago
When you nerds figure out how to play the box art, as opposed to the actual game, let me know.
kma2k  +   623d ago
Kinda funny there placeholder box art was the logo with a black background, is this a step up or back?
Sarobi  +   623d ago
It's good to see Nathan Drake is making cross-overs.
Picnic  +   623d ago
If anything's bad it's the Bioshock Infinite logo. It looks more like the early days of 1930s comic books than turn of the century.
ghostrider32  +   623d ago
2013 is right around the corner and people still haven't learned to never judge something by it's cover?
maelstromb  +   623d ago
The Bioshock Infinite box art looks like bollocks and it's an important issue, so dagnabbit, leave us boxart enthusiasts alone!
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Brownghost  +   623d ago
This generation will be known as the bitching generation.
mastershredder  +   623d ago
I don't buy games for box art, hell I don't even pull the booklets out to look at them unless the inteface design is a mess. The meat is the game itself.
MeatAbstract  +   623d ago
The amount of time you will spend looking at the box art of this game will the equal to the amount time you will pick up the case to the take disc out and then again once you close the box. So you're really not going spend a whole lot of time staring at it.

Just how is this box art bad though?

"BUT IT'S ONLY GOING TO GRAB PEOPLE THAT LIKE SHOOTERS" fun fact - Bioshock is a first person shooter. Oh yeah add some Philosophy in there, really unique and fascinating environments and interesting concepts but it's core mechanic is still to shoot things. I didn't hear people moaning at the 'Beasts of America' Trailer which was basically 2 minutes of shooty/explody footage with a rock track played over it. Then some box art is revealed and everyone cries out "UGH SOME GUY HOLDING A GUN? THAT IS SO STUPID".

And before people reply with 'this is a problem in our industry' or whatever, perhaps think about the real problems in the industry like overly bugged games that lazy developers leave because 'they can patch it later', franchises milked to death to be released year in - year out to make solid profit on an aging formula, day one DLC, fanboyism and its effects on developers and perhaps to be grouped with fanboys, fans that bitch about trivial shit that doesn't even matter - like box art.

Edit: Just to add; I'm all for having silly debates on all things gaming. But after seeing several stories about this on here, it's just getting silly. It's not the be all and end all of a game - let it go and enjoy the game. If the box art bothers you THAT much that you don't buy it then there is no doubt in my mind that you're a complete idiot.
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L6RD7BLU3  +   623d ago
Well are you guys going to play the box art or the game?
j4re  +   623d ago
Who... Cares... It's freaking box art people. You'll be staring at the tv not the cover. I hope...
ninjahunter  +   623d ago
OK, so let me get this right, its awful because it does the same thing as games with good cover art? Looks like 4chan is spreading to the rest of humanity.
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