Toshiba: " It's 'Bad Luck' And HD DVD is Still Better Than Blu-ray"

Toshiba did everything right in the format war and it was just bad luck that saw Blu-ray win. That's what Olivier Van Wynendaele, deputy general manager of HD DVD at Toshiba told TechRadar in an interview this morning.

Van Wynendaele said that Toshiba tried everything it could to save HD DVD from extinction, but all its attempts to breathe life into the format failed.

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decapitator3830d ago

You gotta respect Toshiba regardless of how you put it. Toshiba stands behind their product even after death. Is amazing you know. I applaud that but the "Sun has already set, is time to make the jump to blu"

crunchie1013830d ago

It's, weird - as a PS3 owner, and this automatically Blu-ray supporter, it's only now, in this post-victory time, do I really see how HD-DVD really was the better product.

Oh, god...


fenderputty3830d ago

firstly ... it was bad business and not bad luck. Secondly ... this is the furthest thing from bowing out with dignity that I can think of.

Hitman_Legend3830d ago

It wasn't badluck that they lost, it was just business. It wasn't luck that made Warner go Blu Ray exclusive, it was business. While I dislike the fact they're trying to play off their loss as badluck, they're still a respectable company that was trying to help the consumer. We can off play off so many things in life by just calling it badluck, "Oh look little jimmy had some bad luck and failed his test."

crunchie1013830d ago

uh-oh, the disagree bandits are back.

come on, i was joking...

jwatt3830d ago

So it was good luck that Sony put Blu Ray in the ps3?

deeznuts3830d ago

I'll respect them when I respect Baghdad Bob.

Sony and Philips gave into the Toshiba led consortium way back during the DVD days (the Toshiba led consortium was much bigger than Sony and Philips).

Toshiba was given a chance to do the same, and refused. Even though Sony came to the DVD forum with Blu-Ray way before DVD Forum even had an alternative. To me, the DVD Forum was just being lazy. The BDA were innovative.

They didn't do everything possible. They get no respect from me.

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ktchong3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

But a business and marketing strategy that's absolutely clueless.

And an "ally" (i.e., Microsoft) that's actually been sabotaging and undermining Toshiba's effort, only helping Toshiba enough to barely keep HD DVD alive, because that "ally" only wants both Sony and Toshiba to lose, so Microsoft alone could win while everyone else loses. With that kind of "friend", who needs enemy?

HowarthsNJ3829d ago

Convert HD-DVD to an Xbox only gaming format.

That is, drop the HD-DVD name & interactive features and optimize it for high disc capacity gaming.

We know the Xbox brand needs a larger capacity disk and this could do it for them. Maybe too late for the 360, but not for xbox next.

Blu-ray benefits gaming more than movies. I'm a big fan, but so far I only own a few BD format movies in my collection compared to the number of PS3 games.

i_like_ff73830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

kewl....even for me as a ps3 confused on why bluray won. The specs for hd dvd and bluray were virtually the same and hddvd players were like under $100....on top of that, they owned more studios then bluray....why did they lose??

SUP3R3830d ago

Warner Bros. Blu-Ray exclusivity deal
WB is the kingpin of Hollywood

Genesis53830d ago

That's why it won. 10 mil players against 1 mil.

EZCheez3830d ago

An initial release of an XBox 360 with an internal HD-DVD player also used for games. It probably wouldn't have made the price too much more and there would have been millions of HD-DVD players in the wild before the PS3 even hit the shelves.

I think it could have been a completely different story had that happened.

PirateThom3830d ago

They would have had to delay the relese of the 360 to get HD DVD drives to a decent production level and it would have been too close to the PS3 and it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

SUP3R3830d ago

Including an HDDVD drive as standard would have delayed the release of the 360 to around the same time of the PS3, which Microsoft didn't want.
Had they taken their time and did more research on the future of their console, they wouldn't be looking as outdated as they do now.
They would have also had time to realize that their system was poorly built and redesign it before release.
This is the classic "Tortoise and Hare" story between Microsoft and Sony.

tatical3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Instead of selling HD-DVD players at a loss for $200, Toshiba should have sold HD-DVD "drives" to Microsoft at a loss. A 360 disc would've had 30 GB instead of 8.5 GB & Toshiba would've had 15+ million HD-DVD "players".

It also would've been cheaper for Toshiba to go the 360 route because they only needed to supply the drives, the 360 already has the necessary processing power to display 1080p movies (unlike those 1080i players for $200). Standalone HD-DVD players require their own RAM, CPU, case, etc.

They knew what Sony was doing with the PS3 & Blu-Ray, they should have taken advantage of the 360.

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