NintendoStar Review: ZombiU

NintendoStar writes:

The concept of ZombiU is simple. You begin your quest for survival by fleeing into Shadwell station surrounded by undead hordes. From one moment to the next your thoughts should always remain on the single goal of staying alive.

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Splooshington1997d ago

Excellent game! Massively underrated.

ashbc1997d ago

Yeah I'm finding it really challenging but enjoyable at the same time. It seems to have the perfect mix.

1upgamer991997d ago

True survival horror at some of its best. Great game! People like it or they don't though. One of my friends did not like it much, as he has no patients. I on the other hand can not get enough. Best played alone, with surround sound on!

MNGamer-N1997d ago

What kind of doctor is your friend?

1upgamer991997d ago

LOL, funny. I guess not a very good one. :)