Pre-Order GTA IV - Get Liberty City License Plate

ou may already be aware of this, but the Grand Theft Auto IV special edition includes an art book, a soundtrack with selected tracks, a duffel bag and a Rockstar key chain.

Right, so if this still doesn't justify the $89.99 price tag, how about a Liberty City license plate? is now offering one of these babies to customers who purchase the special edition of GTA IV.

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ChrisGTR13800d ago

and how exactly are we suppost to put these on our vehicles withought getting pulled over? mmm i guess there just to hang them on the wall LOL.

Seraphim3800d ago

on the front of your car! :P assuming you don't live in some goofy state which requires you to put a plate on both ends of your car. ;)

I was tempted to order it from But notice GTAIV isn't GTAIV. It's GTA1V. What gives? This isn't GTA one four. It's GTA IV. Roman Numerals anyone? Whoever came up with this one isn't very bright are they? For the simple fact the I is a 1 it made me pass.

Actually, I'm still trying to talk myself out of the Special Edition anyway. With 1 million+ copies likely in circulation [just Like Halo Legendary] it's not really much of a collectible worth paying the extra bucks for...Which brings me to this. What ever happened to actually having a LIMITED EDITION? The Special Edition is just an easy way to produce in bulk and milk the fanboy; at least imo. Limited, when in fact limited is something Special. Where as nowadays you can throw that slogan on nearly any title and it's just a trivial word attached to an overpriced game. MGS 3 Limited, Bioshock, perhaps even Mass Effect. Now those were Limited Editions...

socomnick3800d ago

I ordered mine I wanted it for the gun case.

ktr3800d ago

Very old news...This offer was their since amazon had the pre-order for the special edition.

pacman6153800d ago

scenario where cop pulls you over and looks at the license plate...and buddy you like to do drive bys on cops huh? get your ass out of the car or i will make you..then comes a rodney king' thanks but i will pass ...will get the game tho..