MWEB GameZone Review: The Walking Dead Episode 5, for Clementine

The Walking Dead will resonate in our hearts and minds for a very long time. It made an imprint on our souls and showed us that a video game can be a catalyst for reflection, personal confrontation and above all else, for feeling.

Read MWEB GameZone's conclusion to the season finale.

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DesVader1997d ago

Lots of people are hinting at this title for Game of the Year. Great review - cool to see people like Will Smith getting into the game. A real testament to its greatness.

HanCilliers1997d ago

It's no doubt my game of the year

schmoe1997d ago

cant wait for the apocalypse, zombies or not, i am going to shoot some folks in the face!

HanCilliers1997d ago

No culture in this one :P

doritos1997d ago

This game is awesome, some of the best writing and voice acting for games in years. Years! The only real problem with the game was the really long wait between episodes, but that is over now so....yeah. If a bugged out skyrim can take goty then walking dead should have no problem.