In-Game XMB: Sony gets a sense of humour

The single biggest gripe PS3 owners have - CONSTANTLY - is not being able to access the XMB menu while in a game to change settings, chat and send messages and invites (think the 'guide blade' on Xbox 360).

Well, these T-shirts have been spotted at GDC(Game Developers Conference)... and it would seem sony have found it rather amusing.

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Kleptic3747d ago

I don't get Sony laughing at our expense?


and they want people like you and me to chill....for minute..

avacadosnorkel3747d ago

but I would rather have one of those shirts

sonarus3747d ago

lol where the hell is toughName still seeking that bad ps3 news. Why isnt he here trying to discredit this. I laugh at you man you seriously make me laugh. I have nothing against fanboys i do hate fanboys in denial

kevoncox3747d ago

People would be calling for their heads. It's been a year and this feature should have been in it from the start. Not saying it's a big deal but I shouldn't be chilling out for a extremely basic need. I what is he sense of having messaging tools if I can't use them when playing a game? This is a gaming device!!!!

Lifendz3746d ago

they're making fun of themselves by making shirts about the lack of in-game. Not very funny imo but at least Sony isn't taking themselves too seriously. I really hope we get in-game xmb and soon.

wow143746d ago

If Microsoft had released such a T-shirt, this would have been submitted from Kotaku. The story would have been "OMG! MS doesnt care about you! IT would have 300 replies and be 1500 on the front page".

Sony shoves its shortcomings up your yob, and its "oh, sony is so funny!".

You people make me laugh.

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Mikelarry3747d ago

sony please just release it. its getting kind of old w8ing

crunchie1013747d ago

It must be coming soon.

Either that or Sony are just evil bastards

jwatt3747d ago

It's definitely coming now, or there will be alot of pissed off Sony fans after GDC.

Dann79783747d ago

Man why is sony so secretive ..... Just TELLL USSS

Qbanboi3746d ago

Man, this is kinda funny. But if there is not in-game XMB after GDC i'm goina be so pisssss oofff.

ravinash3746d ago

Take a moment to look at the comments on the linked page and you can see they are not from readers. I think the site is just having a little fun....
So if Sony really are having these shirts at GDC, we will have to wait and see.
If they did then this could only mean one IS coming as they wouldn't want to rub sult in the wound.

wow143746d ago

My vote is evil bastards.

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timmyp533747d ago

They can't be that funny and evil at the same time.

wageslave3746d ago

Id wager this isnt Sony, but some Sony fans looking to sell a novelty tshirt.

UnblessedSoul3747d ago

It's definite coming now, proof like that is all I need

IC Weiner3747d ago

I thought the same thing.