A Girl-Gamer (sort of) Christmas Wishlist

A list of very exciting gamerish Christmas presents that excite me so very much. If you are a fan of flying predators, then this is definately the list for you!

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Choc_Salties1755d ago

Attach a laz0r to the shark and you're in business!!!

DesVader1755d ago

Panda, you have some very strange stuff on your list, but I REALLY like the inflatable mini-gun. I think I need it!

HanCilliers1755d ago

I got my hubby to buy that ring, awesome list, you nailed it!

DesVader1755d ago

It is very cool indeed. Not quite wearable tech, but still cool

Choc_Salties1755d ago

I once tried to make a pendant out of a pentium chip, didnt have a drill that would go through the heatsink properly without shattering the whole damn thing

MissKitteh1755d ago

These are pretty great! I want the pokeball necklace :)