Xbox 360 & PS3 Owners who Skipped the Wii, Should pick up These Wii Games on Their Wii U's

By Furious Francis, editor-in-chief

The Wii U is out in the US, Australia, Europe, the UK, and is hitting Japan this week. Many Wii U owners might have skipped the Wii generation in lieu of the Xbox 360 and PS3 due to the lack of HD visuals, friends codes, and bad online infrastructure. Thankfully, Nintendo has fixed all the defiencency’s the Wii had while including fully functional Wii into the Wii U. If you didn’t play some of the Wii’s best games, booting those games up on your Wii U is easy, and up-scales the games to 1080p via HDMI. Check out the list of must play Wii games, for your brand new Wii U.

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Qrphe2206d ago

"- Wii games need to be played with either Wiimotes or a Wii classic controller. You cannot use your Wii U gamepad or Wii U Pro Controller to play Wii games on your Wii U. "

I wish there was a way


Theyellowflash302206d ago

Yeah, me too. I think Nintendo just ran out of time. Hopefully there is a patch to fix the issue.

ChickeyCantor2206d ago

They don't see it as an issue. And there is little to no chance that they will do it.

PopRocks3592206d ago

I think they may patch it. People asked them about things like that and they said that they are "working to change that."

Fingers crossed!

Kennytaur2206d ago

The gamepad has all of the classic controllers input, so that should be fine. But as for Wiimotes required games, I don't see that working. Just buy a Wiimote with nunchuck and have fun.

quantae062205d ago

I doubt it. Most Wii games can't go from motion controls to standard anyways. But the ones that support classic controllers could do it. But I doubt Nintendo patches the Gamepad or Pro controller to work with Wii games in some kind of way. Either way I can't wait to get a Wii U.

PopRocks3592205d ago

I would hope for any game that uses the classic controller as well as Virtual Console games to use the Gamepad and the Pro controller. May or may not happen, there is no confirmation on it, but I remain hopeful.

stragomccloud2205d ago

The wii remote thing is fine, because of the dependency of some games on motion.... however, I really wish that classis controller/gamecube controller supported games could support the gamepad and the Wii U pro controller.

Venox20082204d ago

Wiimote dowsn't cost to much these days, so... :)

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TheLyonKing2206d ago

Everyone who is a fan of japanese style video games really do need to check last story out.

Theyellowflash302206d ago

Yeah, I love the game. There is so much style and nuance to the battle system. I hope Mistwalker can create a sequel to the game on the Wii U.

Benjamminkno2206d ago

Unfortunately for Nintendo, most of these games are not taken seriously. You really do have to "fish-out" the monster library of boring Wii games. Fortunately, Wii U has brought a second chance to the stellar games that do stand out.

But enough about that, where's the new stuff?!?
Give me more innovation!!
They need FF, GTA, Dead Space, RE, Crysis, ME, Borderlands...


No FanS Land2205d ago

well that's an oxymoron, third party and innovation? Dream on.

Kurt Russell2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

You beat me to the punch.
Innovation = same games as other consoles :P

Donnywho2206d ago

I'm a Ps3, 360 and Wii owner who is looking at the Wii U like it's an alien that wants to have sex with me. I seriously have no idea what to think about this thing. Do I want it? Do I want to run from it?

FinalomegaS2206d ago

i think i know he answer to your most important question there...

pull your pants down and have sex with it.

there-was-it-good-for-you-too ?

I just finish the transfer files from wii to wiiu yesterday and I can finally say the wii is good for one thing now... play Fire Emblem for gamecube.

Super Contra3 and other SNES VC games, I haven't tested them out yet on the wiiu.

I think deep down you want it... go for it~

neogeo2205d ago

ok pants off, but what if its slimy? I can put it in a slimy Alien, but what if it's cold inside? What if it's smelly? Would my mom approve?
Would I get a STD? Or is the Alien going to make me man prego and make me produce a chest popping monster?

n4f2205d ago

just put it in the disk slot its the best part

Donnywho2204d ago

LOL at all of this but yea, I do think I want one.

shempo2206d ago

ni no kuni
tales of xillia
ffv13 are coming on ps3 so nope i dont care for a wii or a wii HD

chadboban2206d ago

Well I've got a PS3 and a Wii, so I get to enjoy all the upcoming games you mentioned here plus the ones in the article.

Seriously though, if you're a JRPG fan, I recommend at least trying Xenoblade or The Last Story. They're great games.

Booyah2206d ago

I so want to try them, but I'm freaking broke

Kennytaur2206d ago

Hey, me too! The Wii is a perfect second console to the PS3.

Qrphe2205d ago

Have a bubble only cuz I'm happy to see Phoenix no Ikki.

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