Let’s Rank The Grand Theft Auto Games, Best to “Worst”

Kotaku: We did it with Halo, so let's do it with another of the world's biggest game series, Grand Theft Auto. And by "it", I mean rank the games from "best" to "bottom of the list".

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TheLyonKing1996d ago

I liked 4 but not as much as the others it was too gritty.

Top down view is always a winner

NukaCola1996d ago

My favorite as I remember it is still GTA SA, but I really loved Chinatown Wars on DS. I hope we can get another asymmetrical GTA on Vita in the future...and San Andreas Stories.

ShabbaRanks1995d ago

Ya San Andreas for me 2. I dont get how this guy rated it 4th... Oh I don't like big maps and RPG elements LOLLLL have fun in ur watered down GTA4 then

darren_poolies1995d ago

Same, GTA: SA was the best although I can see why people prefer Vice City. But 4th?! That's just stupid. Chinatown Wars was awesome and Rockstar are developing Vita games so you never know.

blitz06231995d ago

Vice City hands down for me

insomnium21995d ago

I just oplaying gta 4 through (this time I will finish it) and the game is rock solid. WTF?

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Cam9771995d ago

You're letting nostalgia taint your belief. I'm sorry, but I'd take IV over the top down titles anyday.

Yodagamer1995d ago

I just started the gta top down titles i think last month on the ps1, and they are surprisingly fun. I'd even say i had more fun with them than 4. It just tried to hard to be a simulation of a real world environment and it succeeded in what it wanted to do, but what it wanted to do watered down the fun factor.

TheLyonKing1995d ago

no not really I still play gta 2 and china town wars and those are great games which throw back to what made gta superb am not saying 4 is bad but it leans to heavy on the story.

San Andreas is still my favorite though

Bathyj1995d ago

Nothing to do with Nostalgia.

I remember clearly, having fun playing GTA2.
I dont remember that with 4.

I remember frustration and disappointment though.

Etseix1995d ago

^^^^ Not nostalgia either, the best GTA for me is III but i recognize San Andreas is way better, i expected the same giant jump, you know, from GTA III/VC to San Andreas, it was a BIG JUMP, but form San Andreas, to IV? only disappointment. The game erased all the side fun extra stuff to do that SA had, instead they included, what? a more realistic city? you need to know, that some people played GTA's for fun, not to look at a City Simulator, even when it was fun, it was just not compared at all/ to San Andreas on the fun factor(unless, again, you play it to look at a living city only). That's why people hated it.

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showtimefolks1995d ago

since GTA3 i haven't played a bad GTA game yet, even the psp games were very good. its easier to hate on GTA-4 years after release but when it came out it basically set the standard for open world games.

from the stunning world to a top of the line physics engine. going back to it now feels stale,dull but back in 2008 i played through it 3 times.

VC is still me favorite and i hope we get a GTA hd collection to relive the glory

Imalwaysright1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

It set the standard but in your opinion is not even the best GTA? "stunning world to a top of the line physics engine." Games are much more than that. Games need to be fun. Imo GTAIV was boring and a pain to finish. As far as im concerned GTAIV set the standard for boredom and disappoinrmemt.

showtimefolks1995d ago


well i don't disagree with you, thing is RS spoiled us when they gave us VC and SA than a game like GTA4 which was top of the line graphics/physics wise but like you said wasn't a lot of fun.

i like the serious tone in the story and like i said finished it multiple times but there was a lot of things that were missing in GTA4.

but here is how i put it GTA4 was to this gen what GTA3 was to last gen, its just a starting point from here RS can only improve on the formula. like they did after GTA3 with VC and SA.

best open world game IMO is Red Dead Redemption, i believe its the best open world game ever made and one of the best games overall in gaming.

Panthers1995d ago

Vice City for me as well. Although its hard to top the first impressions of playing GTA3. The second you started driving around that city, you knew that you were playing something that was going to change the industry.

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KingofGambling1996d ago

Of all the Grand Theft Auto series, the only one that I finish completely was GTA SA, so GTA SA for me, than GTA IV, GTA III, and GTA VC.

majiebeast1996d ago

from lowest to highest
-GTA 2
-GTA 1
-GTA 4
-GTA Vice
-GTA 3
-GTA San

darren_poolies1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

For me:

-GTA 1
-GTA 2
-GTA 4
-GTA Chinatown
-GTA 3
-GTA Vice
-GTA San

Thatguy-3101996d ago

San Andrea and vice city for me. I enjoyed more san Andrea for the rpg elements that were implemented. It made the game fun and enjoyable. Vice city has been the only gta game I've completed but base off the most fun I would give it to San Andrea. That game was to damn long lol but it was enjoyable because of all the freedom and things you can do. Plus the addition of coop was great and fun for its time.

Tiqila1996d ago

from highest to lowest:
1. GTA 2 (so much fun in multiplayer)
2. GTA 1
3. GTA Vice City
5. GTA San Andreas
6. GTA 3

MysticStrummer1995d ago

GTA3 at the bottom? Crazy talk. I'm not much better though because my least favorite is Vice City, which many people seem to love the best, but it's the only one I've played that didn't keep my interest long enough to finish. Of the ones I played, my list is :

1. GTA3 - Blew me away. Never saw anything like it on a console before.
2. GTA4 - Liberty City is still my favorite GTA setting, and it looked amazing. I liked the more serious tone also.
3. GTA:SA - Loved the large environment and being able to drive out of the cities.
4. GTA:VC - Fun but it didn't keep me hooked like the others.

Playing the GTA4 Liberty City Stories for the first time right now and loving them.

WeskerChildReborned1995d ago

GTA SA would at least be number 2 on my list.

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