In Game XMB/Accomplishments Proof?

Here a user posts a picture of him getting a Warhawk Accomplishment, like the Achivements on Xbox Live, this will give a new thrill to gamer's by allowing them to gain point's from every accomplishment they may come by. Also in the picture it reveals In Game XMB, a well waited for feature for Playstation/Sony fans. Real or fake?

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sonarus3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

toughNAME stop being a hater its just in game xmb geez. Its not bad xbox news. Just let it go.
Hard to confirm the in game xmb but the accomplishments looks very legit. Expect a ps3 update this week. Sony can't make us wait any longer. But damn with this internet age its impossible to be surprised. Rumours are always breaking out.

toughNAME3744d ago

its the users very first forum post, and he just happens to be the first to view PS3's in game XMB?

Aweful lucky if you ask me

I wouldn't put much faith in these screens

sonarus3744d ago

maybe he is an insider with info and he created a new account so he wouldnt get in trouble. Tons of possibilities first post has nothing to do with it

decapitator3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Thanks for posting. Although the pictures are blurry but you can clearly tell there is something going on. Can't wait. Sony announce it at GDC.


EDIT 2 : MGS4 and MGS Online Blowout coming soon:

C_SoL3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

ur actual friends....and its blurry like the other fake photo....i believe its looks cool though....

Who r u talkin to? Hey this is good news, but it COULD be fake good the way, look at who posted these pics in the link. That "sonyguy32" just joined that forum site TODAY & just happened to post it in deep internet terratory if u know what i mean. I just hope that its true, but I still believe its fake.

MrTeenie3744d ago

Thanks for posting the photobucket links our site is probably going to get suspended since we are on shared server and we will be using it all up very soon.

sonarus3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

hahaha dnt be such a hater man. Let us ps3 owners enjoy our good news in peace. From your user bio (Bad Sony news is still news.) its obvious bad sony news is your specialty. So why don't you keep looking for that bad sony news that you love so much its hard to find these days i know but stay determined and i am sure you will pick up something

@decApitator is that for real? Where did you get em

games4fun3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

since i am not a contributer i think this has some validity, although i personally dislike joystiq they did come across a telling tshirt at GDC

the playstation blogger tshirt

(joystiq got those photos off of flikr website sorry for the misinfo)

toughNAME3744d ago

Bad Sony news is my specialty?

Your reaching man, I think your getting a little too excited.

If this its true that the last horse finally crossed the finish line, them I'm happy for PS3 owners because I feel Next Gen isn't Next Gen without achievements/in game XMB.

While I highly doubt these screenshots are real, Sony will get it right eventually.

I can't tell you how much achievements can better a game. If you've never experienced them you'll think I'm crazy. Just trust me.

decapitator3744d ago

Thats real alright, that is from the official US blog picture site:

games4fun3744d ago

because i was thinking how did joystiq get it so quickly then you show me that and it shows how they are just ponying off of the website thanks

xplosneer3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

click Today's Stories(All) and scroll down to "Sony gets a sense of Humor"

@Decapitator: I don't see the shirt you posted before there. Weird?

The one looks VERY FAMILIAR.

C_SoL3744d ago

Exactly. Their blurry like the photos shown here. For all we know, it could be the same guy. People can make these photos u know. I'm just glad it got me hyped up for a bit until i had my doubts.

gambare3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I saw even admins asking about that guy. Could be a generous Home dev? no matter who is he but if that's real, is awesome.

edit: a misteryous 2 post account created today showing those pics and the GDC is already here and home almost here.... now that's amazing.

sonarus3744d ago

dont kid yourself toughName you know you bad ps3 news is your specialty. Its hard to find so you are begining to rubbish posts. Yea i saw your madden post. If bad ps3 news is your specialty so be it have fun digging the internet for that bad ps3 news. I also dnt think you can have a next gen console without hi def media. Dvd format is a decade old. Step your game up get on that blu ray. Out of bubbles so am done posting

toughNAME3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I don't submit negative PS3 news. I submit all news.

On the other hand, half of your sumbimissions seems to be negative 360 news?

Your a Sony man through and through so I really don't see a problem with this. But according to your logic this is wrong?

Your comment has zero to do with the article and should be deleted. As should mine most likely. So I guess I'll sum up my argument:

Good for PS3 owners if this is true. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say these screens from a first time poster are total bogus.

whoelse3743d ago

Its fake. In the top right hand corner, that thing with the user info, that has been copied from a website who added that into their own design for custom XMB.

ZeroXMD3743d ago

dunno about XMB but i was playing DMC4 on my friends ps3 and got 2 accomplishments for him during the weekend. One of them I got after beating level 7 or 8, don't remember which. Honestly, i could give a rats @$$ about achievements/accomplishments because all it is is the game saying "good job, you did this" when really, isn't that what hc gamers go to do anyways? I understand it's bragging rights, but it doesn't really matter. They don't enhance the game any really because the game would be the same if they weren't there, so i could care less if they had them or not. So you can't really say something isn't Next Gen if it doesn't have it.

n to the b3743d ago

one of its key advantages is being eroded here. good for you Sony, about time.

hfaze3743d ago

If you're playing on Devil Bringer difficulty with Automatic turned off, DMC4 has accomplishments.

Personally, I'll be LOVING it when in-game access to our friends list, messaging (text at least), XMB implementation of the PS button menu is available...

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KratosKilla3744d ago

These are definitely photoshopped

sonarus3744d ago

Please explain how you came to that conclusion. I suck at photoshop to me these look very legit.

TheIneffableBob3744d ago

I can tell from the pixels quite easily, even without my monocle, as I have seen quite a few shoops in my day.

UnblessedSoul3744d ago

Interesting I hope it's real

THC CELL3744d ago

x box has just fell 800 feet from me

davez823744d ago

it looks legit, and with gdc coming we will find out soon enough