New Wii U Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Screens

New screenshots have been released today of the upcoming Wii U release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Click the link and make the jump to the hi-res screens.

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RaikRhythm2203d ago

Man I am looking forward to this game. I won't be getting a Wii U till it's released, haha. Just not that many games that appeal to me.

I'm hoping for a bundle, though I'm aware it's likely not to happen.

PopRocks3592203d ago

Personally I'd prefer a bundle with the Wii U and 3DS version together, similar to what Sony's doing with some of their cross-compatible Vita titles.

RaikRhythm2203d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping there will be a bundle as well. With the games together as you said or with a special Wii U (the latter of which I think is unlikely). We'll see in a few month's time! :D

lilbroRx2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

You mean that last ditch effort Sony is doing to get people to buy the Vita by offering them games on it for free if they buy one version?

Nintendo isn't going to do that. They aren't desperate for hardware sales. Theirs sell well on its own.

crazysammy2203d ago


Really? You are so anti Sony you wouldn't want Nintendo to offer you a better deal on your games with a bundle? Wow blind fanboy stupidity.

Cursinguser2203d ago

Yup. We need a good Monster Hunter games for the Wii U. Hopefully we see some clever integration of the game pad. Item management and crafting would be great on that thing.

Old McGroin2203d ago

"Man I am looking forward to this game. I won't be getting a Wii U till it's released"

Same here, played the living [email protected] outta Monster Hunter Tri and don't think I even came close to finishing it. It looked great on the Wii but I couldn't help wondering how brilliant it would look in HD, day one purchase with a Wii U for me!

brian1985FM2203d ago

This is definitely gonna be the killer app for Wii-U in Japan. :O

Honky Kong2203d ago

Iam happy to see the English in those screens!

Thepcz2203d ago

is it monster hunter tri? in hd? with extras?

or a completely different game?


catch2203d ago

Tri in HD with extras is exactly it yes.

ronin4life2203d ago

Tri with extras. In the original, quite a few weapons were left out. They are all brought back, and new quests and monsters are also added.

I believe someone at capcom remarked that it contains 50% more content or something like that... I'm just glad I can play a non psp hunter with my bro(he never liked playing on the system... and now the stick is busted...-,-)

crazysammy2203d ago

Monster Hunter Tri U G Ultimate HD edition. :)

Picture_Dancer2203d ago

Wow, looks almost as good as some Dreamcast games! Nice!