GDC 2008: IGN's Secret Agent Clank Hands-on

Set after Size Matters but before Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Secret Agent Clank casts you as Ratchet's metal right-hand man (you will get to play parts as Ratchet and Captain Quark) and charts a course filled with stealth moves, goofy gadgets and an adorable tuxedo.

When IGN got their hands on the game's opening level, the action began with Clank about to bust into a museum and pick off the "Eye of Infinity," a super-valuable relic. However, as Clank began to make his move, some robotic guards swooped in below him and grabbed another intruder -- Ratchet. In a news report that followed, Ratchet announced that the hero business didn't pay and was turning his back on doing the right thing. Clank didn't believe it was his pal, but an agency image scan comparing the Lombax from the break in and an awesome photo of Ratchet mid-birthday candle blow confirmed the identity.

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TheHater3653d ago

It Secret Agent Clank is there. So that mean that Resistance 2 will be there also?