PSA: PS Vita Firmware 2.01 Goes Live

Last week, it was reported that Sony was ironing out bugs found in the 2.00 update for PS Vita. Notably, the PS Plus driven cloud saving functionality wasn’t working properly. As promised, Sony’s since released a fix — in the form of firmware 2.01.

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cpayne931930d ago

Wait what was the bug here? I uploaded my saves for Gravity Rush and Uncharted to the cloud because I'm pretty sure deleting the games deletes the saves too. Are they lost?

KangarooSam1930d ago

I don't think what I was experiencing was a bug but it was frustrating when I had to download my PSASBR save from the cloud and it took about 20 minutes until it randomly registered with the game. Perhaps it's just a speed/loading issue or something of the sort.

ftwrthtx1930d ago

It was a bug with the auto uploading feature.

DarkHeroZX1930d ago

The Youtube app got an update too and is more robust then ever! I love it even more now.

XB1_PS41930d ago

I just got it, I didn't have any problems before it though..

Smokingunz1930d ago Show
Thirty3Three1930d ago

Does this fix the PlayStation All-Stars "Pre-Order Costumes on Vita" deal?

boybato1930d ago

probably like little big planet they need to patch the game itself. ;)

chazjamie1930d ago

god damn it. i hate updating this thing. why cant it be yearly updates, not monthly updates.

KangarooSam1930d ago

This is one of the only updates so far that's only fixed things. They're usually mixed with new and cool features such as PSone compatibility, cross-controller support, Playstation Plus, etc. So I say keep 'em coming Sony! :)

doogiebear1929d ago

Cross controller support? Do u mean the ability to use a dual shock for 2 players?

KangarooSam1929d ago

It allows you to use your Vita as a controller for PS3 games. Apparently UMvC3 supports it. And I know for a fact they should be releasing a patch for LBP Vita this month allowing people to use it as a controller for LBP2.

chaos-lockheart1929d ago

i love updates, monthly updates are great, keeps my vita new.

kopicha1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

yes you so hate your anti virus and your windows OS too because they update almost every few days or few weeks. how about waiting for a year then have your stuffs updated and have your system vulnerable to attacks throughout the year. man it just take 10mins or so to do it. and most of the time it bring you features that you do not get out of the box. whats the fuss? 10mins is not going to take your life away dude.

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The story is too old to be commented.