Sony Computer Entertainment President Shuhei Yoshida Has a Nintendo Wii U

The president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios has revealed that he owns one of the competitor's new devices and doesn't think they should be compared to his company's.

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YoungPlex1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Damn right he does, I'm sure Shigeru Miyamoto has a PS3 or a Vita! This is a business and part of leading a business is to know your enemy as much as possible. (edit) ha ha, I requested him and he added me, wow!

SoundGamer1968d ago

Yeah, he's a cool dude. Real down to earth.

gokuking1968d ago

I actually highly doubt Miyamoto has a PS3, or a Vita. A few years ago he didn't even know who Ratchet & Clank were.

deafdani1968d ago

Well, Masahiro Sakurai has (or used to have, at least) a PS3, where he played several games.

gokuking1968d ago

@deafdani Oh, no doubt Sakurai owns multiple hardware. I believe I've seen him with a few special edition PSPs, and Vitas. But of course Sakurai is not Miyamoto.

Kiddcarter1968d ago

And you really believed him when he said he didn't know who they were? of course he acted like he had no idea what R&C was, at the time it was being said that he had based an entire Mario game off of something r&c did first, so yea he is going to say he doesn't know who ratchet and clank, to say otherwise would prove that he borrowed their idea to make Mario galaxy

ThatMiamiGuy1968d ago

So you mean, we can own more than one gaming system... from different companies?!


What's that? There never was a console war? You mean it was just media hype to get hits and delusions from unreasonable individuals (fanboys)?

Why, I never....

PopRocks3591968d ago

Wish more people in this community were like you and Mr. Yoshida.

Raoh1968d ago


Hilarious, funniest thing I've read in a while.

AngelicIceDiamond1968d ago

I really wish there was a "peace treaty" amognst fanboys. But nope its impossible. This blind internet pretend fanboy Warfare will continue on for a looong time.

As of now I noticed lately the fanboyism is finally calming only cuzz theres rumblings of new consoles coming very soon. But wants the new Xbox and "Omi" get released the flame will refuel All over again.

And that's when I'm probably gonna retire from commenting here. Sorry but I can't take another generation of fanboys. Lies, trolling, doom and gloom articles, fighting with people its ridiculous. Its gaming not hating somebody because they choose a different console than you.

I'll check the news coming next gen but I dunno bout commenting.

UltraVegito1968d ago

Maybe the funniest thing i've heard on this site XD bubs for you :3

cpayne931968d ago

Ha Ha good post have some funny bubs.

gumgum991968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

lol, I wonder what console Nintendo has!

DonMingos1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

The moment when cross-platform multiplayer becomes reality, then the console war will have it's rightfull battle place and fanboys will fight (play) together and against each other and leave gaming sites for people interested in debatin real news about the gaming industry

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TongkatAli1968d ago

Me too, I love my Wii U.

Danbruno13101968d ago

I mean really how much gaming can one person take? Prob just using the game pad as a coaster and that other thing as a paper weight holding down cash money rolls.

nevin11968d ago

Bills Gates has a PS4.

BitbyDeath1968d ago

Bill doesn't even let his family own Apple products so i doubt he'd go anywhere near a PS4.

jmc88881968d ago

He's also a genocidal fascist, whose good ideas were luckily purchased from IBM during fire sales. MS-DOS (IBM). Windows (IBM).

So yeah, doesn't surprise me one bit that he wouldn't buy anything Apple because of MS nor 'allow his family' buy one. Yes Bill, because you're some visionary god who controls all because you can buy other people's work.

Me I don't want an overpriced, under spec'ed phone, nor need to upgrade mine every few months. By the time I need another phone we'll be on Iphone 12. Maybe I'll buy one then? Probably not, since it'll still be way too expensive for a phone.

If they made something I wanted, and was worth the cost, then I'd buy one. So I guess I won't adopt Win 8, since I really don't like Mac OS.

Buy what you like because there's legitimate reasons behind it. Don't just blindly follow one brand. It's OK to buy more than one console, and the reality is, if you want to play all the games, you need a 360/PS3/Wii U/PC. Because all of those have games the others simply won't have.

So he owns a Wii U. Why does some part of me thinks he's basically saying....."suck it trebek!"

FarCryLover1821968d ago

I don't blame Bill though for banning Apple products at home...

Qrphe1967d ago


He's also a genocidal fascist?

Do you even KNOW what that means? There is no room for hyberbole here son, specially when we're talking about a man that is to donate the vast majority of his wealth to charity as of his death.

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