Bethesdas current gen actions can have a negative effect on them next gen

Bethesda has been called many things over the course of this generation. Some have called them one of the best developers out there. Others have had much, much less jovial comments of them. Either way, they will have certainly left their mark this generation, for better or worse.

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I once held them(Bethesda) in high regard,...not so much now.
The 'dumbing down' I find especially frustrating as well as the evident willingness to abandon complexity for complacency.
Bad engines fueled by bad programming,shoeless addicts, repetition.

CaitSith1997d ago

You pretty much just summed up Bethesda right there.

fermcr1997d ago

For me, I love most of their games. Some of the best games this generation: Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Elder Scrolls 4 and 5, Dishonered.
I hope they release Fallout 4 next year.

As for all the haters, let me guess ... PS3 only players ??? You really should purchase their games on PC or X360.

SnotyTheRocket1997d ago

maybe they should get their act together, and make decent ports, kind of like 90% of the gaming industry.

TheHater1997d ago

According to your logic, why buy the game for the xbox 360 when you can buy it for the PC. The PC community pretty much fix their games for free and months faster. Oh and let not forget all the mods and improve the UI, graphic, combat, add quest, weapons, characters, magic, etc.

Enjoy paying for crappy DLC when there is better and free content on the PC. Just saying

Also, I will never buy any game from these guys again. I will either rent them or buy them used.

NukaCola1997d ago

Bethesda's Fallout and Elder scrolls series are brilliant...just buggy. They have all the ingredients to amazing games...just need more taste testers...many many more.

League_of_Draven1997d ago

The last game published/developed by Bethesda I bought was Oblivion. I never bothered with anything else they've made since then since I knew it would suck from the beginning. I ended up saving a lot of money because of that.

PopRocks3591997d ago

Skyrim I heard was pretty good, and I actually liked Dishonored (flawed as it was).

Ducky1997d ago

You've missed out on some good games then.

ab5olut10n1997d ago

Used to be one of my favorite devs, now one of my most despised

KMCROC541997d ago

I have no Issue with them ,so I look forward to their next game & great DLC.

AtomicGerbil1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Their reputation has certainly taken a hit in recent years, what with shoddy coding, giving the finger to all besides Microsoft and abysmal PR.

I'm intrigued as to what excuses they will use next generation for their poor coding abilities or lack of interest in whatever they shun at the time.

I believe it's too late for them to salvage their reputation before the next generation gets into full swing.

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