Madden NFL 08 Becomes the Xbox 360's 12th 2 Million Seller

Madden NFL 08 has passed the 2 million mark in sales and becomes the 12th Xbox 360 game to do so, increasing the consoles lead over its competitors.

The Nintendo Wii currently has 9 games that have sold over 2 million, while Sony's PS3 sits a distant 3rd with only 4, and only 2 non-bundled.

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FirstknighT3655d ago

Like I been saying, the 360 absolutely destroys the ps3 on what matters most...and that is software sales. People with any intelligence knows that the majority of ps3 owners are in it for the bluray.

sonarus3655d ago

wow didnt know software sales were what mattered most. The fact that 360 has a 1 yr head start to gather those 2million selling titles prob has nothing to do with it. toughName as always posting bad ps3 news lol get a life

InYourMom3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

when PS3 posts that it's had its 2nd 1 million seller it's A OKAY! But when it's about MS it's negative? Or when we get to hear an almost daily Europe/Other chart where the PS3 is doing better than 360 and usually by people who post negative 360 news all the time.

It goes both ways.

You could just, hrm I dunno, not comment? But I know you can't resist. Maybe you should take your own advice and get a life.

Great news 360, you need some lately! Publisher's know who is buttering their bread this generation so far.

Blademask3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

LOL this story is clearly in retaliation to PS3 selling 10.5 faster. Enjoy it cool off. Because the 360 having a system out for 2 years and only having 12 million sellers isn't news.

InYourMom3655d ago


There are plenty and I mean plenty of million sellers.

avacadosnorkel3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Buy anything.
Faulty systems.
You name it.

HalfFireWater3655d ago

360 owners won't buy anythng, if that was the case then HD-DVD would still be around. If that was the case then Bomberman would be a 2 million seller. But it is not, and so goes your whole thesis. Going over two million sold is impressive, but not when it is a pack-in game, and that should kick forza and MUA off the list. How many were sold stand alone?????

And multi-platform games going over 2 million or even a mill for that matter are some what good, but more for the developer than the system, if you make a good game, no matter what system, people will buy it, ie COD 4. How many exclusives does 360 have that are over the mill or 2 mill mark, according to VG charts only 13 take away forza and that is 12, take away Lost planet and it goes to 11, i didn't and in Oblivion, but that sold alot. so lets say 12. 12 in two years, that is impressive for exclusives. Here is the link:

How many did Sony have, lets see 8 total over a mil, only 3 exclusives. 3 in one year that is really actually good. But if you remove motorstorm as a bundle, (like I did with forza) that leaves 2 exclusives. heres the link:

And ass end creed sold equally as well on both system, so they both have their idiots. heres a rehash, over 1 million sellers 360-34, PS3-8, over 1 mil exclusives 360-13, PS3-3, wow what a difference a year makes.