Mario, You Monster. The Goombas You Kill Lead Lives, Damnit

Kotaku: Things get kind of messed up when you start to think about all the things we kill in video games. Heck, look at how I worded that. Things.

What lives could the enemies in our games have had before we cut them short? Here's a video by Filipe B. Costa that takes a look at the story behind a single goomba that Mario kills defeats. Life, love, war—all that good stuff is included.

Mario. You monster. I had no idea!

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PhoenixRising371969d ago

The goombas are all pissed off because a fat plumber is running around their homeland shooting fireballs and stuff. Wouldn't you be mad too?

majiebeast1969d ago

It surprises me Peta hasnt demanded a ban on mario game's.

Unztayble1969d ago

goombas know the life they chose.

RockmanII71969d ago

Oh good, it's this article again.

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