Map Awareness & Control on Meltdown in Black Ops 2

Simply understanding what is around you at any given time requires strong map awareness. Think of it like an extra layer of mental awareness, enabling you to recognize when you are in a hot area of the map or when you are moving in an area where you can be spotted by enemy players. Having map awareness increases your odds of putting up a good performance.

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Naate1840d ago

Useful, smart, well thought out. Me likey.

ahamling271840d ago

Very nice and informative! I need to see more videos like this, I need all the help I can get.

Kurt Russell1839d ago

Me too, I picked this up on Monday... And I am so bad at it.


Interesting, but I would say the tactics have changed a little.

I mean I seem to notice people are getting a lot quicker at tacking down UAVs.

The Orbital Sat I think is the better option.

venom061840d ago

doesn't really matter what tactics are used... this game is still laggy as hell, the lag compensation is garbage.. many are leaving this game... seriously...

The_KELRaTH1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I don't know if it just the PS3 but when you end up hosting the lag compensation is so bad it's just not worth playing.
I've had to remove the PS3 from DMZ as otherwise it would select me as host for every match. Now though I can rarely connect to friends.