Bad Gamers: PS4 & Xbox 720 Release Dates

Lock your doors and guard your wives because the next episode of Bad Gamers is here. This week we celebrate our 10th episode and the return of Dan, and it looks like he’s not happy with the way Sebastian ran the show last week. - PSLS

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insertcoin2024d ago

I hope both consoles are released next year. That way, I get Star Wars 1313 and Watch_Dogs. Pretty please.

dbjj120882024d ago

Agreed. I can't wait for Unstarcharted or Techno-Creed.

TekoIie2024d ago

... Dont be a Debby-downer -_-

ftwrthtx2024d ago

We only have 19 days until the Mayan apocalypse. Shouldn't they release them now? :-)

DeadlyFire2024d ago

Apocalypse or new Atun?

Its actually a reference to a political leader the Mayans had who claimed he would rule over them until the next Atun which starts on December 21st 2012.

It will be a time of an end for that leader and a new way of life will begin when a new leader rises in Mayan culture to rule the next Atun cycle of 5120 years or so..

The references to different weather patterns and new social ways of life are likely to happen. As they always have. There are doomsayers of every new leader.

chadwarden2024d ago

Xbox 720? We doin Geometery?

knifefight2024d ago

I get your reference! (Someone else apparently doesn't)

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