Havok Announces New Physics Suite, Cloth and Destruction Tools

Havok Physics 5.5 provides a new level of continuous multi-platform physics optimization as well as enhanced collision query optimizations especially for the PLAYSTATION®3.

Havok Animation 5.5 delivers developers and artists improved tools and technology including Spline based compression, export of Float Channels for morph target support, and Multithreading optimizations. Together these enhancements deliver better performance by reducing memory consumption, giving the animator full control over compression accuracy compression and providing constant time depression. Havok Animation 5.5's easy to use export, sampling and blending capabilities allows developers to significantly cut content creation times and memory requirements

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Rikitatsu3715d ago

Can anyone Elaborate ?.

DarkArcani3715d ago

It's not just for the PS3, their just saying that as far as the cell is concerned it is optimized for the architecture, taking advantage of the PPE's.

Havok is used for other things, like 3d programs, like 3d max.

niall773715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

making Havok better means more reallist games = YAY

and Rikitatsu maybe since the ps3 has more "raw processing power" then other systems they will tweak Havok it to take advantage of it?

I hear the ps3 is good at processing boxes falling over, and boxes in general.. hell I bet the ps3s Box processing capabilities is why MGS4 is ps3 exclusive

mintaro3715d ago

that's a defenite possibility

Rikitatsu3715d ago

the ps3 ... we don't want issues

moses3715d ago

I'd like to see the cloth physics in action, it sounds like it'll really make an impact on game realism :D!

bootsielon3715d ago

It's optimized for the PS3 because the cell processor is way better than the 360's CPU for physics; not just "twice", but a lot more than that. The Cell processor truly destroys the Xenos, just look at all the tests that have been made. The 360 CPU can't even do graphics, it would be pointless to try

Since you've been posting in N4G for quite some time already, anyone would think that you'd know that.