Halo 4 Specializations: What to do if you have not received your unlock code

XMNR: We've been reporting on the situation with the Halo 4 Specialization unlocks since Microsoft first announced that all eight Specializations would come to those that played the Xbox 360 shooter by Nov. 20. Since the final emails containing the unlock were sent out this past Saturday, we have been inundated with emails and comments from players who say that they meet all the eligibility requirements but have not received their code yet. 343 Industries provided an update Sunday on the status of the issue and what to do if you are one of the unlucky ones.

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nikrel1903d ago

i got mine, wub wub wub drop.

Shadonic1903d ago

I got mines but my friend didnt

FarCryLover1821903d ago

Im only level 33 so it doesn't help me...........yet.

aviator1891903d ago

same here, i only play when i can and have free time, so I'm only around 38ish right now.

But I'm glad to take things slow, doesn't wear me out.

LeGiiTSaint1901d ago

Can someone pleaseeee give their code. I've been stuck on level 70 for 2 weeks now so I really need the code guys if you do not mind. Gamertag: LeGiiT SainT