160°'s Exclusive First Look At The Wii Mini brings an exclusive look at the upcoming Wii hardware revision: The Wii Mini.

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Vinc3601962d ago

Personally, I think it looks kinda cool with the whole retro thing going on, but I still wouldn't buy it over the original. Especially given the extra features you get.

BananaEatingSquid1962d ago

Hmmm... I think I would get this if I were a collector, but the fact that it doesn't have backwards compatibility kind of sucks, I love how my Wii is able to play GameCube games.

Still... it's 99 bucks, so maybe...

Snookies121962d ago

Backwards compatibility is one thing, but not having any sort of ability to connect to the internet, no SD card slots, and it costs about as much as the regular Wii... No thank you.

Vinc3601962d ago

Hard to disagree with this. I do somewhat like the possibility of this becoming a collector's item, though.

BananaEatingSquid1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Yeah, the only thing really going for it is its different look. It looks like a toy! :)

unworthy151962d ago

Not being able to play SSBB with a gamecube controller sucks too

unworthy151962d ago

Cool to see comparison pics, looks great in person

unworthy151962d ago

It looking like a toy isn't a good thing imo

Vinc3601962d ago

It's probably aimed at kids. The article mentions that it seems more robust, maybe it's more resistant than the normal one? Plus not having access to the internet is probably actually a selling point for some parents. Heh. It's definitely not a good deal in my opinion, but I do think there might be a market for it.

BananaEatingSquid1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Lol, it isn't a good thing to me either. Personally I don't really like the look all that much, but I can see how collectors would pounce on it.

Edit: And yeah I can see how it might be attractive for parents as well.

DarkBlood1962d ago

i'll get this at some point merely for collectors sake and will never open it then i'll get another one when it drops in price

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