Far Cry 3 Review [Game Revolution]

"If you've watched or read any of the advertisements for Far Cry 3, then you likely remember this short quote used for comparison: "Like Skyrim with guns!" But let's be real here, people. That's Fallout 3. In fact, the better description would be "Like Fallout 3 but vice versa!" Okay, so maybe that wouldn't make for a great slogan, but that's the truth."

~ Nick Tan, Game Revolution

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JonnyBigBoss2025d ago

This game looks SICK. I'm getting it for PC!

dbjj120882025d ago

It's beautiful on PS3 so it's going to look even better on a monster rig.

pr0digyZA2025d ago

Some tips: get latest nvidia drivers (if you have that card) as the latest beta drivers increased some cards by 30-40% in performance.

Play in dx9 as there isnt any noticeable difference between dx11 especially considering the fps loss.

Turn postfx to medium as all that has is blur, but for some reason that can kill like 10fps.

If you have a 670 or up then you can most likely ignore what I've just said. Its an amazing game and very addictive.

iistuii2025d ago

Mmmm, I have a 680 & so has my pal & we can run anything at ultra settings...apart from this un-optimised game .Was so looking forward to it, but its just annoying me at the moment. Ill wait for another patch or better drivers before I jump in again.

alexcosborn2025d ago

I'm a sucker for gorgeous visuals, so yeah, I'll be checking this one out.

ftwrthtx2025d ago

Sounds like another contender for game of the year.

knifefight2024d ago

I just hope it didn't come out too late to get in on the voting. Maybe 2013?

ftwrthtx2024d ago

Valid point, but how can it be in the running for 2013 if it's out in 2012?

knifefight2024d ago

A lot of award ceremonies count November as a cutoff and run their release periods from December to November. Not sure how many game sites do it, but I know there is at least one ceremony that does. I can't remember the name, I on;y remember N4G members freaking out about it and not reading the text (as they tend to do ^^).

T3mpr1x2025d ago

Looks better than I expected.

dbjj120882025d ago

I like shooting things more than casting spells so I'll stick with Far Cry.

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