Indie Games On Sale As “Big Picture” Rolls Out

A number of indie games have been marked down, in celebration of the release of Steam's Big Picture mode.

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anontyro1817d ago

there really is too many steam sales I am slowly going broke as a result

-GametimeUK-1817d ago

You can never have "too many steam sales" haha :-D

KionicWarlord2221817d ago

Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in.

-GametimeUK-1817d ago

I have only just started gaming on PC and I have to say that Steam has really made me feel valued as a customer. I have just picked up Sine Mora for under £3. I really can't complain. I love it. It is so different going from console marketplaces / stores to this. Between this and PS+ my gaming addiction has become MUCH more affordable.

I recommend Sine Mora, Castle Crashers, Braid and Limbo at those prices. You can't go wrong with Portal 2 and L4D2 at those prices either.

Thanks to Steam I finally have CSGO (wanted to give Sony my money, but the EU store SUCKS). I recommend it at the asking price in this sale.

Happy gaming everyone.

anontyro1817d ago

yeah Steam is truly an amazing platform and one that Valve continue to spend a lot of time on bringing games to the customers.

Oh hell yeah Steam is so much better at sales than any other outlet I have came across. I just find it often has too many good offers and therefore I spend more than I would want... Even though games are on sale!