GDC: Can Games Make You Smarter?

Next-Gen writes:

"Can videogames teach? If so, what can they teach, and how fast? More importantly, can we even answer the question? A panel of experts attempted to tackle these issues at the Serious Games Summit."

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DanteLinkX3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Actually teach you a lot of things, for example, in my case, my mother tongue is Spanish, I have been playing Zelda, Metroid, Final Fantasy, since I was a child, and thanks to those games I learned a lot of English, Sword, Mountain, life, etc, I think I had enough words to make a Hate letter to microsoft if they ever released an DreamXbox or an XboxCast with defective problems. "Microsoft Sword your throat game over and no phoenix down".

But seriously, I have learned a lot about other cultures, history, maths, multi-processing, hand-eye coordination, memorization skills, quick-thinking & reflexes, etc, thanks to gaming

*has beaten Zack 'n' wicky" now that made me intelligent.

PS The most important thing gaming has taught me is to how to be a ninja, and a damn cool one *goes to play NGS*