Easy does it: Be careful of what games you want to defend

Following news last week that Australian censors have withheld yet another game (Dark Sector) from adult players, most gamers would feel frustration at the inequity of the current classification regime.

But Dr. Brett Hutchins, a passionate gamer and a senior lecturer in Communications and Media Studies at Melbourne's Monash University, believes the lack of an R18+ rating for games in Australia might actually be good for the long-term health and acceptance of interactive entertainment.

The gaming community should be very careful about what games they use to rally around and prosecute the classification system. In much of the public eye, unnecessary and mindless games like Manhunt 2, which rely on extreme violence to shock, titillate and garner attention, are only going to reinforce the stereotypes that gamers are fighting to overcome. Dr. Hutchins points out that "if the wrong games (i.e. extremely violent games) are held up as evidence of unfairness, this may actually be counter-productive."

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Gorgon3684d ago

He does have a point.

DethWish3684d ago

Yep I thought so too.. Although they ARE adults .. he doesn't need to take care of them.

DarkSniper3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

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Yi-Long3684d ago

I'm a 31 year old, sane, decent adult, and IF I want to play a game like Manhunt 2 (I dont), I should be able to.

Ofcourse some games have sick stuff in them. Just like some TV series have, just like some movies have, and just like some books have (Bible anyone!?)

However, even though it might not be to our liking, that doesnt mean we should decide for others if they are allowed to play it or not.
We (should) raise our kids, our society, with morals, respect, sanity, etc... and if a game is wayyy out of line and just based on 'shock-value', it wont sell well.
I know I am not interested in playing a game that's solely about torturing or whatever, if it doesnt have good gameplay or a good story or whatever, and many seem to agree with me (judging from many forums where the gamers are AGAINST censorship, but not all that interested in Manhunt 2)

But like books, movies, and music, videogames are still a creative expression, some might say 'art', and TBH I dont think 'we' (society) should change, censor or BAN stuff just because we dislike it.

I can understand why the goverment doesnt want kids to play or even see games like Manhunt 2, but tbh that's not THEIR responsibilty. That's the parents' job!

I know that I, as a parent, wouldnt LIKE my kid to play a game like Manhunt 2, but as far as GTA4 or something goes, I'd be fine with it, as it's a game that's about great gameplay and a cool story and just having fun in a sandbox game. Although it does depend on how my kid's personality is, and it's MY job as a parent to recognize if it causes any problems or not. But as I take parenting very seriously, I will have taught him/her all about values, respect, the difference between real-life and videogames, etc etc... before he/she can play the game. But that's just a basic part of parenting.

Games, books, movies, etc... should NEVER be banned or censored. WE, the gamers, should be (and usually are) our OWN censors, and WE, the parents, can decide which games our kids are allowed to play or not.
Banning games, or censoring them, isnt right to the makers of the game, nor is it right to the consumers of the game.