LG to Continue HD DVD Support

Hoping to bridge the gap for HD DVD-supporting early adopters, LG said Tuesday that it would continue to support HD DVD in the wake of Toshiba's announcement.

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gamesblow3834d ago

Boy, LG's the life of the party, huh?

pwnsause3834d ago

well they are just making dual format players right? well I guess thats a good way to save HD-DVD's Current library of movies, that way early adopters of the format wont have to pay for the same movie again.

gamesblow3834d ago

I agree, it is noble...

But still --> you and I both know any time you have a "collection" it just sort of loses that "collection" mentality when you have a mismatched item in that "collection"

Case and point... The Simpson's collection on DVd... Have you ever been to someones house and seen they have all 10 of the ones available and they're all the normal DVD boxes, then you look in the middle of their collection and see a big yellow offensive Simpson head box?

It just looks tacky. If I was stupid enough ot buy into HD-dvd I damn sure wouldn't be stupid enough to keep 'em around to tak up my future movie collection. That's for sure.

wallace10003834d ago

I guess they figure they can make more money selling combo players than single format players. I wonder how long they will keep it up for. You would think if you owned lots of HD DVDs then you would already have an HD DVD player so if you wanted blu-ray you would just buy another stand-alone. That way atleast you would save money. Those LGs aren't exactly cheap.

resistance1003834d ago

I suspect they will keep releasing HD DVD/blu-ray combo players so all the current HD DVD owners can keep there HD DVD collections still.

However expect them to stop supporting them soon

fenderputty3834d ago

know how to classify this. Do I file it under "stupid", "kind", "confused" or "wanting to drag things out longer then needed"