Capcom: How much are you willing to pay for BC Rearmed? $10 or $15?

Capcom's Ben Judd writes, "If you've listened to the most recent podcast, you will no doubt have heard us discussing a very important issue concerning Bionic Commando Rearmed - the price.

We've created Rearmed as an homage to the original game. It was supposed to be about showing gamers who hadn't played the original what they were missing, while trying to bring some of the older gamers back into that classic gaming magic of yesteryear. However, along the way the team and I fell in love with the game and ended up putting a lot more time, effort, and money into the project than initially planned. Personally, since the goal is to make this game for the fans and to get the world to see what makes Bionic Commando so special, I want to sell it for about US$10."

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CaliGamer3717d ago

How do they expect people to weigh in when we have no idea what the features of the game are, how long it is, if they play extra downloads later etc. This is a strange discussion, but $10 seems fair for most games on PSN.

I Call 9MM3717d ago

It all really depends. How long is this new version, what new features does it have, etc... etc... Plus, you also have to consider that Capcom does not need to pay for retail packaging whatsoever and no retail markup either (just the fees to Microsoft and Sony), so that takes a huge chunk of change out the equation. I think $15 USD could be fair if the game really warrants it. If I end up beating it in like 3 hours I won't be too happy at all with my purchase. If I end up putting 6-8 hours into it, plus replay and co-op, then $15 is fine. If it's less then that, I would only pay 10. Too bad with microsoft's pricing system, everyone but people in the US will end up paying to much for it.

Hopefully, if this game is successful, Capcom and other companies will go back and bring back more classic franchises back and give them updates. Remakes are great but I wouldn't mind seeing some sequels. One more note. Hopefully other remakes they have been working on, like the Mega Man X remake for PSP, make it to Live and PSN. More money to be made and more games for me to play.

InYourMom3717d ago

This might effect PSN owners more than 360 owners since they have a trial for every arcade game on Live, so I expect to be able to try before I buy anyway. I don't think I will even entertain $15 though.