5 Games You Have To Play In December 2012

With December not being nearly as jam-packed as October or November, we’ll only be doing one all-encompassing list of games you need to play this month.

- Trendy Gamers.

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BringingTheThunder1998d ago

i'll be playing all of these!

TrendyGamers1998d ago

Hawken will be definitely getting a download on the 12th.

BattleTorn1998d ago

I'm going to conviniently have 2weeks off, starting next week!

Far Cry 3, and my Wii U will have plenty of my time!

TrendyGamers1998d ago

Have fun! Far Cry 3 is awesome.

shodan741998d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on Far Cry 3.

RandomGamer1998d ago

Well for me it's Far Cry 3 all the way,I already played Walking Dead same thing with Mass Effect Series.Don't care for MOBA's so no Guardians of Middle-Earth for me and Hawken I may try.

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