VGA Teaser for The Last of Us coming up later today on EW – Geoff Keighley

Check out this new bit of information from VGA 2012.

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Abash1335d ago

Cant wait, this reveal is sounding pretty big!

DigitalRaptor1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Thanks for that.

Is that Joel with the machete? I wonder could it be a flashback of his dark past, or just him subduing enemies who tried to attack him in the present? or another situation?

Man, this game is going to be full of intense drama both in and out of cutscene. Can't wait!

doctorstrange1335d ago

Woo a teaser for a teaser for a trailer.

jimbobwahey1335d ago

Sad state of the industry unfortunately. It's been utterly absurd this past couple years how many teasers there are for teasers of announcements of more teasers for different teasers for announcements of trailers that are longer teasers.

ginsunuva1335d ago

Dont forget announcements for release dates for teasers for trailers for pre-order bonuses.
And teasers for box art...

LarVanian1334d ago

You guys are making my head hurt lol

Ilovetheps41335d ago

I am really excited for this game, but I would hate to see too much of a game. I have been avoiding most of the media regarding this game because some companies in the past have revealed too much of their game which ruined the story. I'm sure Naughty Dog is smarter than that, but I will not be watching the trailer just so that the game will seem fresh and new when I get it.

I hope the trailer is great though.

BitbyDeath1335d ago

Agreed, i just want a release date, also maybe they could play the same scene they've done the past two times already but different again.

aquamala1335d ago

agreed, for games I know I'll get, I don't need any previews or demo's, I want to be surprised when I play it.

WeskerChildReborned1335d ago

Yes i agree, we need more infected gameplay!

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