Lair Score Wins IFMCA Award

Kotaku reports:

"The International Film Music Critics Association have announced their 2007 award winners, and this year sees the debut of their Best Original Score for a Video Game or Interactive Media award, which recognizes the increasing importance of music in gaming and gaming as an entertainment medium. This year's winner is John Debney for the wonderful score to Lar for the PlayStation 3."

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paracardium3714d ago

Woot to LAR.. someone has a spelling error :)

mintaro3714d ago

the gameplay may not have been what was expected, but the audio presnetation was top-notch

venum3714d ago

At least it won something. It was not a GOTY, but the score looks good. It was nominated to the award of the best original music at the BAFTA

PSWe603714d ago

Well at least it won something other than ridicule


I played it its pretty fun,love the music and graphics too.