GDC 2008: Postal 3 Impressions by FiringSquad

FiringSquad saw a very early version of Postal III running on a PC laptop at E3 last July. This new demo was running on a Xbox 360 dev kit and looks much better than the E3 build. Postal II had a lot of visual in-jokes and this new build of Postal III continues that trend with a ton of....let's just say adult sight gags. FiringSquad got to see an early training mission (Postal III will have a number of linear missions before letting the player enter the large open world portion of the game). The Postal Dude enters a employment agency and sees a listing for an environmental disposal expert. That basically means cleaning up a certain type of mess at a porn shop. Needless to say, Postal III is aiming for an "M" rating and its also likely to offend the easily offended.

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MK_Red3804d ago

Awesome find and preview. Postal 3 is gonna be uber awesome. GOTY 2009 confirmed.