Ninja Theory denies next gen Onimusha sequel rumours

Ninja Theory is not developing a new instalment of much-mourned action franchise Onimusha for next generation consoles, lords and ladies. Wait a minute, who on earth's been claiming otherwise? Ah - these people, apparently.

"We are not working on an Onimusha game," the studio Tweeted just now. "Any rumours surrounding this are untrue." That's us told, then.

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Reibooi1967d ago

My thoughts exactly. They ruined Devil May Cry and quite frankly at this point I kinda doubt that Capcom could make a Onimusha game anymore. I would rather not see another game in the series then get another mess. Which is what Capcom seems to be excelling at these days.

The_Klank1968d ago

Still would love another game in the series though.

ThanatosDMC1968d ago

I hope not. I dont want another great franchise to die.

DarkBlood1968d ago

then its already dead if another game isnt made for it?

speaking of that i think i remeber playing something like that on the ps2 as a warrior or other selectable characters killing a bunch of onscreen enemeies not sure if its the same series though

Kyosuke_Sanada1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Wrong game I think. Onimusha added survival horror feel to the hack and slash genre which haven't been done since of Soul Of The Samurai for the Playstation One.

Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams was the only one that took a more action approach......

DarkBlood1968d ago

suvivor horror you say? that has my interest peaked a bit

crazysammy1967d ago

Onimusha ran off of the Resident Evil engine and controlled almost exactly the same. Great game with a great theme and story.

Its survival Horror with a good helping of action (Much like RE 1-3) but I don't know if I would call it hack and slash.

Great series though.

Bathyj1968d ago

I would have preferred another Onimusha to another Devil May Cry.

The again, I'd take another Tenchu or Manhunt over nearly anything.

lociefer1968d ago

i just hope the legacy of kain part of that ''rumour'' is still true

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The story is too old to be commented.