PS Vita’s Soul Sacrifice: Leviathan and Ghost Mode Revealed

In my last post, I explained that monsters in the world of PS Vita’s Soul Sacrifice are what have become of humans who succumbed to darkness, using magic according to their desire. Today, I’m pleased to reveal a new monster, “Leviathan,” and to share its backstory.

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YoungPlex1966d ago

Man, I honestly can't wait for this game! I hope that it gets localized quickly, I believe that it will definitely be the title that pushes me to buy a Vita!

Hanso1966d ago

im a vita owner already and cant wait for SS ^_^
Enemy designs reminds me of the Manga Beserk !

cpayne931966d ago

I thought the same thing, this game seems to be inspired by Demon's Souls though, which was also supposedly influenced by Beserk.

1966d ago
JoGam1966d ago

Vita is about variety right now. It has games now and more coming. Maybe it wasn't time for u to buy it and maybe when this game launches u will get a vita.

porkChop1966d ago

Game looks insane, can't wait.

tubers1966d ago

Damn! they should make a joint project with the creators of Demons Souls (Fromsoftware).

I hope this game doesn't get over-hyped that may raise expectations that are too high..

I'd need to remind myself that this is still first and foremost, a portable game.

DivineAssault 1966d ago

i have no doubt that this game is going to be great.. Day 1 buy & day 1 play..

Danbruno13101966d ago

Me confused. Thought this was a MH clone. Game actually looks good. Show me more ng4.

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