New Halo 3 maps will be smaller and designed for slayer - Bungie says battle with Call of Duty 4 is a "ping pong match

VideoGamer's Wesley Yin-Poole writes: Speaking in the latest podcast with Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Director of Programming, Larry Hyrb, aka Major Nelson, Bungie's Frank O'Connor also described the ongoing battle between Halo 3 and superb military FPS Call of Duty 4 for the number one game on Xbox LIVE as a "ping pong match" and said "I'm sure we'll overtake them and maybe they'll overtake us again".

"One of the things people think is missing from Halo 3's suite of maps is smaller deathmatch type maps for competitive play. We'll definitely deliver there I think. As well as the other bigger more exciting objective maps."

Frankie also revealed his feelings on the Call of Duty 4 vs Halo 3 battle at the top of Xbox LIVE. Last time we checked, CoD4 had beat Halo 3 again after Halo 3 had briefly regained top spot. Frankie said he was looking forward to "more Call of Duty maps" and praised developer Infinity Ward for "making good stuff".

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LastDance3711d ago

unfortunatly Halo online is filled with jumping, melee attacks and slander. I much prefer COD4 online. It will interesting to see what the new maps are like. but closer quaters = more melee haha.

FirstknighT3711d ago

More melee attacks? Nothing a lil stick in the face can't take care of.

Fishy Fingers3711d ago

Sorry but my time with Halo is finished, COD4 saw to that, i actually went back on halo the other day with a few friends and the 30fps is very obvious once you've got used to COD.

While its still a fun game i find it already feels out dated.

Dont hate me, its simply my opinion.

FirstknighT3711d ago

So I like debating on this subject. I'm a huge Halo fan and love Halo 3...but I'm also a fan of COD4 but I still think Halo 3 beats it in almost every way. But I'm willing to hear your reasons why you think COD4 is better than Halo 3. You seem like you have a lil more intelligence than most people here that just scream out "Halo sucks"

Fishy Fingers3711d ago

Im not 100% sure why, its difficult to place my finger on it, i just prefer the whole experience of CoD4 a little more than Halo3.

But dont get me wrong, halo 3 is far from a bad game, its a fantastic game, and at release i played the sh!t out of it (maybe that has something to do with it).

Also if i see "shotty Snipers" again i think i might kill someone, for real lol...

Trust me im not here to tell people what they should/shouldnt play, but i tend to have quite a short life with games i like. I play them non stop for a while them just put them away and move onto the next, honestly, i only really play 1 game from each genre at one time.

ambientFLIER3710d ago

I also see the 30fps difference when switching from COD to Halo, however, you get used to it within minutes, and it feels just as smooth.

I prefer Halo's matchmaking and rank system. You play with your own level, and you only level up if you do well, not like COD, where you can level up from getting one assist, while dying 10 times.

Both are great, though.

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kwicksandz3711d ago

every 2nd game matchmaking finds is god damm shottie snipers! that alone makes COD 4 better lol

rocket race and hammerziet is a nice change of pace every now and then though. COD4 can get frustrating if i get stuck with alot of US players because due to geographical reasons my pings will always suck and COD4s matchmaking can leave me waitng for a while between games.

COD4 is more tense and faster paced. halo 3 you can jump around smack guys in the face and generally fool around. they are different experiences but both fun and worthy of their top spots.

FirstknighT3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I play Halo 3 cuz I feel it has the best competition. COD4 is a great game also but just to easy to rack up the kills which leads to alot of camping. Sooooooo many times the killcam shows people camping in the same spots.

DARK WITNESS3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

i am a huge halo fan also but i must say i have also lost interest in halo 3. for me it just was not the game i thought it would be.

lots of reasons why which i wont bother with, lets just say i still had way more fun playing halo CE multiplayer. i didn't like halo 2 as much as halo CE but i thought that it was not possible for halo 3 be worse then halo 2. well now i think i was wrong. things may change with the new maps etc.

i disagree with the COD 4 camping though, if anything the kill cam totally stops it. once a person has killed you they must be a fool to sit in the same spot thinking they are safe.

The reason i like cod4 is because it feels a lot more about the gun fight and as you fight it out you get the reward of calling in a chopper and then killing some more or bombing them.

thats what i liked about halo CE. The weapons felt a lot more potent and a lot more about the shooting. by halo 3 i felt that had been lost. It was more about getting a few shots in and a nade or melee attack.

I think they maybe balanced halo too much and a bit of the fun was lost. Halo is a great game and i would still be playing it if it was not for COD4. The kind of fun i have with COD4 is the kind i had with Halo CE. The funny thing is didn't like the other COD games online half as much.

Just my thoughts.

jinn3711d ago

i hate xbox live market place, games these days require online connection in order to gain the content

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