X360A - Dead Space 3 Interview – Discussing Co-Op, Survival Horror and Not 'Going Action'

X360A - Released back in 2008, the original Dead Space was a masterclass in survival horror with outstanding audio and visuals that brought its setting of the seemingly abandoned USG Ishimura mining vessel to startling life. A game that ratcheted up the tension at every turn, Dead Space nailed its lonely atmosphere right out of the gate, you could hardly blame the fans for being worried that Dead Space 2 might be going 'too action' for their tastes.

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Jinkies1969d ago

"Not 'Going Action'"

REALLY....god just like Capcom, try and cover it up like it's still a horror game.

It's now a generic full action blow out third person shooter

Mounce1969d ago

Similar to Mass Effect series though.

Some people might infact see that the series' true potential at the core of gameplay, perhaps was originally better off if it were more action with a mix of RPG. (As ME1 became ME2 and people moaned about universal ammo and less painful annoying as fuck inventory management)

As long as the story is good, the atmosphere, potential tension, character development perhaps. As I preferred DS2 to 1. I enjoyed the development of Isaac, the ending and his feelings about it all and his sense of dread to the shit stain that comically is his life, fate annnnd bitter-karma.

DeadSpaced1969d ago

If you've seen recent videos of Co-Op, they're handling it very well. They've chosen to include some of the following features:

-Individual hallucinations
-Conflict between Clarke and Carver
-Several scenarios where one player will have to protect the other while the second player in going through hallucinations.

Though it hasn't been done before, they're putting serious effort into the single player and Co-Op, tailoring each to provide horror.

Jinkies1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

I've seen them and I think it's horrible and totaly out of place. Putting so much time and resources into something which dosen't belong in the game or franchise at all....what will single player gamers get for their "true" horror experience, a watered down game where you always feel that the open levels were meant for two people.

Carver looks and sounds so boring, he's a typical generic soldier grunt who tries and crack jokes in the most risky situations but comes off as not funny. He'll hate Issac at the start but then become friends with him at the end of the game, blah blah blah we all know how it goes. Seriously his character was not needed at all, I mean if they were going to let someone in the Marker Hunt then it should of just been Ellie and if they were going to add co-op then again it should of been Ellie, now she's lost her tom-boyish charm and is now the damsil in distress.

"Though it hasn't been done before, they're putting serious effort into the single player and Co-Op, tailoring each to provide horror."

What are you not getting here, you CAN'T do a horror game with co-op, it dosen't work and what we've seen since the game was announced has been nothing but generic, over the top, gears of war styled gameplay. Like Resident Evil, the game has lost everything which made the game "Dead Space", because EA want to try and gain the COD crowd like Capcom did with RE. At least Capcom established RE before they ruined it, Dead Spce didn't even get up to the third game without them ruining it.

Co-op is taking the horror, resources and time away from the single player and because of the new character being added into the story your still going to have to see him in cutscenes. You see how your new feature list compiles mostly of co-op features and nothing that will add to the horror experience in the single player....exactly

Face it...Dead Space is dead and if your smart you'll not buy it or you'll get it when it hits the bargain bin. I am sick to death of EA ruining franchises, you buy this and they'll just keep on doing it.

DeadSpaced1969d ago


I agree with Ellie, instead of Carver. However, I disagree with you on almost everything else. I respect your opinion, just as I expect you to respect mine. When the game is released, I'll make my full judgement.

camel_toad1969d ago

Glad to hear a voice of reason. Too many gamers are shooting down games long before release without ever even having played them.

I wish people would maybe WAIT till you play the games before taking a massive dump on them.

I've been guilty of it myself but have been surprised at how wrong I've been enough so that now I play before I judge. Same reason I take reviews with a grain of salt.