5 Classic Hitman Missions That Would Make Perfect Absolution DLC

IGN - If IO is on the lookout for added Hitman: Absolution content, why not bring back some of these classics?

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RioKing1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Every top choice had an honorable mention which should've been included on the list in it's own right. IMO, this should've been a top 10 list and the last H.M (white house) should be in the top 3 ;)

Yukicore1964d ago

Nice ass

*OOOHHH* Sorry, I mean, yes, I agree.

showtimefolks1965d ago

i would love to get a hitman HD collection

T3MPL3TON 1965d ago

I agree. I wasn't that big a fan of the newest game.. but I loved 1-2 and Blood Money.

Hellsvacancy1964d ago

There was a "leaked" trophy list a while back for the unannounced Hitman HD Collection