Gamedaily: FIFA Street 3 Review

Robert Workman of Gamedaily writes: FIFA Street 3 is EA Sports Big's attempt to slap soccer into an arcade format, letting would-be ball kickers play footsies around beaches, rooftops and other non-arena locales. Like the first two games, it relies on simple, "get the ball into the goal" basics, while throwing in a few tricks along the way. Unfortunately, most of the game's content has a recycled feel. It's more like a rehashed Street than the full-blown sequel.

Overall, the gameplay doesn't really have anything amazingly new to offer. The tricks are cool once you start mixing them into your passing and shooting, but there's nothing that goes leaps and bounds over previous Street releases.

Don't get us wrong. We're all for a good soccer game, like the arcade-y Sega Soccer Slam and EA's more serious FIFA 08. However, FIFA Street 3 just feels like the same old thing, rather than that significant "next step" in the series. The online options are good and soccer fans will thoroughly enjoy lobbing a ludicrously high-speed ball at a goalie. However, like NFL Tour before it, it just doesn't go as deep and hard into the sport as it should have.

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