Blu-ray: 'Toshiba and Microsoft should join us'

Microsoft and Toshiba are more than welcome to join the Blu-ray camp and would be valuable additions if they did. That's what the Blu-ray Disc Association's spokesperson, Frank Simonis, said when he spoke to TechRadar from Japan this afternoon.

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gamesblow3804d ago

In other words "Here Toshiba, Microsoft... have some salt and lemons with that open wound."

Bill Gates3804d ago

You see BABOONS, you too should joing the "Blu" side.....AHHAHAHAHA

wallace10003804d ago

They should join and i don't see them holding out for very long. Don't they want to sell on the major HD format? Downloadedable content is a long way away, if it is coming at all so they can't exactly hold out for that. Blu-ray won so they just have to join in. Formats die, you just have to go with the winner.