PC Advisor: Toshiba Portege R500-126 Review

PC Advisor writes:

"Even in terms of price, the R500 stands up well against the Air once you configure the latter with the 64GB SSD drive, coming in at £1,761 to Apple's £2,028. If you're after a usable, super portable machine that weighs hardly anything then the Toshiba Portege R500-126 will make an excellent travel companion."

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Cartesian3D3745d ago

when someone pay 3000$ for a Business (Low end) notebook , want an Extraordinary Best looking laptop with Highest prestigious ...

Mac book Air is the best choice for them.. and if u dont want a super Slim High class notebook and just want a Highend Gaming one u can buy a Macbook Pro or XPS or blah blah ...

they wont buy a 2500$ notebook with ugly design just for saving 200 bucks! (Lenovo anyone?)