15 Gran Turismo 5 Screens

Polyphony Digital released 15 new screenshots for Gran Turismo 5.

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marinelife93830d ago

Are you kidding me with that first pic?? Cars and streets doesn't look that good even when I walk outside to go to work in the morning. Why would anyone even bring up Forza or PGR ever?

Cartesian3D3830d ago

nice expression :P

cant wait for GT5 EXACT release date..

gambare3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Don't forget that you will have in your parking lot at Home your GT5 car.

sonarus3829d ago

i understand forza but PGR i do not. PGR is more of an arcade racer forza and GT are more sim. On the visuals alone GT is undisputed king and owns both of them. What matters now is the realism some say forza i say GT only the worst of 360 fans will tell you forza looks close to GT like power of green said and the mart. Also remember when they said GT5 wouldn't look as good as GTHD because its only 1 car on the track now GT has more cars on track than forza and still owns forza. What has me most excited for GT is the online racing. Car damage needs to be implemented for this to work realistically cus i guarantee you if i see you am bumping you off the road lol but car damage at least forces us to drive sensibly.

C_SoL3830d ago

Pistons excluded....Rotaries all the way....SSR*

Kleptic3830d ago

we get it...its the most photo realistic game ever made so show us more stuff though...what about the dynamic weather Polyphony was talking about?...what about the realistic head-light distance for the night portion of Le Mans (in one interview Polyphony was stating that the night racing would have have headlights shining as far as they would in real life...would be insanely awesome if it really makes it)...

all they keep showing is the same tracks at the same time of day...these look great...but no different than Prologue...of which we have seen a significant amount...I want to start seeing the rally racing, the F1 cars, different time of day, etc...

Dread19813830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

these are unbelievable, this is crazy...!!!

Just stop up and think about it a sec, if the graphis look like in 2008 what wont it look like in 2018, its mind blowing how graphis in games have evolved over the last 10 years.

Its kind off scary...

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The story is too old to be commented.